The Circuitous Nature of Life

WARMUP: IW, HBW, MNC, INC, SSH all IC 10 count THE THANG: Mosey to fountain via The Circuitous Nature of Life. 10 partner leg throws at UPS store, mosey to Panera 10 Partner leg throws, mosey to Conns 10 partner leg throws, mosey to fountain. 10 step yups each leg followed by the Erkin flip […]

Round Robin

WARMUP: stretched-windmills-imperial walkers-hillbilly walkers THE THANG: picked the block up- sat the block down- ran a few laps MARY: ANNOUNCEMENTS: Bethel meal-hog and coyote- Memorial Day convergence- COT:

Trip to the Bleachery

WARMUP: 10 IC SSH 10 IC Mt Climbers 5 Burpees 10 IC Seal Jacks 10 IC Parker Peters 5 Burpees THE THANG: Bataan Death March ( look it up) to the Bleachery x10 – Irkens, Derkins, dips and step ups. Trip around step. Shampoo for a total of 3 times Mosey around the area and […]

Chest Day!

WARMUP: Winchester took the first 30 w warmup. Highlight was a mini chest shred up and down. We should’ve known! THE THANG: Winchester took us to South State and put it on us after sharing an awesome Bible Verse and words. Pistol Merkin Ladder. 15 merkins run the loop 14 merkins run the loop Down […]

Welcome Back

WARMUP We began the morning with the following in cadence: Side Straddle Hops, Imperial Walkers, Low Slow Squats, Peter Parker Peters, Merkins, and 10 6-Count Burpees. THE THANG Today to keep everyone heated up with the high dew point we did some running with a lot of boot. After the warmup we took a mosey […]

We Ain’t Tired!

WARMUP: IC: IW WM CP INC THE THANG: YHC decided to travel. So we moseyed across Cherry to storage place. People Chair while each pax did Merkin train. YHC kicked it off with 10 merkins down the line, slowly dropping PC pax as we went. Recover. Mosey to Publix hill. 11s Merkins and Squats. Recover […]

Board of pain week 3

WARMUP: MNC, SealJacks, Cherry pickers THE THANG: Left side or right side? MARY: no time ANNOUNCEMENTS: Memorial Day convergence COT: For those serving in the military, who are sons, and daughters of F3 HIMs – thankful for their sacrifice!

Buckets of Fun

WARMUP: little bit of this little bit of that, some stretching and then we are off for the main thang. THE THANG: YHC had some 5 gallon buckets filled with sand ready to be carried from one end of the lot to the other in a rotating fashion. The other pax ran some suicides and […]