Q vs Q Week 1 – 2023

River Rat led a short warm-up. SSH windmills Morrocan Night Clubs Mountain climbers Al Gore Q1 – Zalinsky burpee waterfall down the hill Q2 – Esso Laps around the RV lot. 10 burpees every time the whistle blew. Exercises at each lap. Q3 – Zalinsky Partner 4 corners Merkins, Big Boys, Squats Q4 – Esso […]

Old Town shovel handoff

WARMUP: MNC, windmills, inchworm merkins, imperial walkers THE THANG: mosey to lil hot box and did partner work. Head (CDD) shoulders (shoulder taps) knees (deep squats) and toes (calf raises) Partner race/ jail breaking wheelbarrow back. Mosey to 1ARP. Burpee broad jumps to speed bump, LT Dan to next and repeat back. Mosey to big […]

Hammy Time

WARMUP: seal Jack, plank Jack, windmills, THE THANG: lots of hamstring work – lt. Dan, lonely cowboys, squats. Calf raises. Mosey to stairs. Ab lab as partner runs them. MARY: ANNOUNCEMENTS: COT: have the same passion for those around us and pursue the same way Jesus has for us

Bricks and Benches

WARMUP: Mosey a short lap then the usual SSHs, LSSs ,MNCs, and stretching. THE THANG: Mosey to adjacent parking lot to complete 4 rounds of 4 corners with 16 total exercises. Then mosey to flagpole for a Homer led Pledge of Allegiance and some main street bench work of urkins, dips, and durkins. Then to […]