Smoke and fire at Man U

A quick warm up with some stretches, moroccan night clubs, low slow squats, and tempo merkins. Thang: 5 rounds of exercises 20 reps each Station 1: Box jump burpees and outlaws Station 2: Australian merkins and Imperial Walker squats Bear crawl Station 3: V ups and hand release merkins Station 4: Jump squats and prison […]

sparkys 37th bday beatdown

WARMUP: X factor Arm circles Squat push reach Imperial walker Hillbilly walker THE THANG: Mosey to the perch 9 scissor lifts 9 eagle crunches 9 pistol squat each side 9 tiger bend 12 elevated heel touch 12 merkin 12 burpee 12 eagle pose (seconds each side) 12 reverse lunge each side stair work 3 sets […]

The Dana

WARMUP: ssh, MNC, imperials and hillbilly’s THE THANG:  Today marks two years since my sister Dana has passed away and instead of mourning the loss I wanted to celebrate her life. I shared some fun facts and bragged about how kind and selfless she was. Pac-Man wouldn’t have made it out of the maze without […]

9/11 Convergence

WARMUP: Small disclaimer and reminder for our pax to remember the lives lost on this day. Also let the pax know about our random 3 burpee alarm that will show up throughout the workout. Tempo merkins Low Slow Squats THE THANG: Split into two groups one hit the parking deck and the other hit the […]

Patriot Push

WARMUP: Stretch Cherry Pickers – 10 Windmills – 10 Hillbilly Walkers – 15 Merkins – 10 OYO Imperial Walkers – 15 SSH – Side Saddle Hop – 15 THE THANG: Run To Amphitheater Sevens (Irkin each step on the way up. Dirkin on each step on the way down) Merkins Up Dips Down (last step) […]

this is how we do it

WARMUP: route explained THE THANG: route ran ANNOUNCEMENTS: 9/11 convergence, bethel next Tuesday, read newsletter COT: 1 Corinthians 10:13 No temptation has overtaken you except what is common to mankind. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide […]

Standing on Solid Rock

WARM-UP: Windmills, Hillbilly Walkers, Moroccans, Cherry Pickers, Empirial Walkers, OH Claps > > Mosey to Fountain < Dips Rinse & Repeat x3 – 15, 10, 5 > > Mosey  to parking lot behind theater < > Mosey to theater < run around circle between rounds <> A couple more ab exercises as a bonus COT

What are/is the?

WARMUP: IC: WM CP IW HW MNC ST GS THE THANG: We moseyed to the rock pile near Dave Lyle inside tech park. There we discussed the creedo, mission statement and 3 of the 5 core principles. YHC touched on things that I think these 3 principles tentacle outside just a 45 min or 60 […]