Cones, lots of cones

WARMUP: SSH Imperial Walkers Moroccan Night Clubs Windmills Curls 20 Man makers THE THANG: Tabata style timing. 3 rounds of 60 seconds work and 10 seconds rest. Calf raises one leg dead lift American Hammer Man Maker Calf raises V-ups overhead press seated one arm press Probably some other exercise I’m forgetting

Little Muscles Made Big

WARMUP: Warm up (10minutes) Kinstretch – hip and shoulder mobility movements, capsular strength, CARs/RAILs, etc. THE THANG: Kneeling position to engage core – 10 to 30 second rest b/n sets. KB bicep curls, 10 OYO, 3 sets Tricep extensions, 10 OYO, 3 sets Exaggerated HALOs, R hip to R hip, 10 OYO, 3 sets, L […]

How They Do It In ATL

WARMUP: Variety of things THE THANG: Another level of suck. Mosey to the hill at Manchester Meadows. 10 burpees 20 Merkins 30 Squats 40 Mountain Climbers 50 Freedy Mercury’s Between every exercise, run a hill sprint. We made it through 4 total rounds before it was time to head back to the COT. MARY: A […]

Call 811 before Digging

WARMUP: SSH, Windmill, Cherry Pickers THE THANG: Halo’s – 10 OYO Curls bottom to mid – 10 IC Lunges – 10 Each Leg John Deere’s – 10 IC each American Hammers – 10 IC Mosey around parking lot Around the worlds – 10 OYO each direction Curls top to mid – 10 IC Squats – […]

Release the Kraken

WARMUP: SSH, IW, CP THE THANG: Mosey to the pond. We did exercises and ran around the pond. Did more exercises and ran around the pond. We mixed up the direction we ran so as not to release the kraken trapped in the pond. MARY: bunch of ab stuff ANNOUNCEMENTS: hell week, AO Spotlights finishing […]