sparkys 37th bday beatdown

WARMUP: X factor Arm circles Squat push reach Imperial walker Hillbilly walker THE THANG: Mosey to the perch 9 scissor lifts 9 eagle crunches 9 pistol squat each side 9 tiger bend 12 elevated heel touch 12 merkin 12 burpee 12 eagle pose (seconds each side) 12 reverse lunge each side stair work 3 sets […]

9/11 Convergence

WARMUP: Small disclaimer and reminder for our pax to remember the lives lost on this day. Also let the pax know about our random 3 burpee alarm that will show up throughout the workout. Tempo merkins Low Slow Squats THE THANG: Split into two groups one hit the parking deck and the other hit the […]

What are/is the?

WARMUP: IC: WM CP IW HW MNC ST GS THE THANG: We moseyed to the rock pile near Dave Lyle inside tech park. There we discussed the creedo, mission statement and 3 of the 5 core principles. YHC touched on things that I think these 3 principles tentacle outside just a 45 min or 60 […]

Pre pax

WARMUP: walk to track with weights and board THE THANG: iron Pax 2019 EMOM Every min- 3 burpees Work volume 50 big boys 100 MC double count 150 alternating single arm snatches 200 LBC’s 250 squats Walked and moseyed some laps MARY: not today ANNOUNCEMENTS: newsletter, road cleanup Saturday, Goggins challenge in a week, donut […]

2023 AO spotlight

WARMUP: light stretching while giving spotty history of the AO with help from Roxanne and waiting on the Camino crowd followed by: deadbugs, squat/push/reach THE THANG: Mosey to firefighter museum 20 SSH 20 step ups 20 squats Lap around museum and ice rink lot Team of four for fireman push up x4 Rinse and repeat […]

You Better Work Petra-Movement

The Thing: Flying Merkins (New-courtesy of @Kodak and @Bill Nye) WTM? Merkins Jumping Jacks- 2ct and 4ct and 2.5ct Bear crawls with pulses Bear squats with pulses Army crawls with pulses Trenches Chugs Hops side to side Walking, Running, Football runs Marching Lawn Mower Cord punches Dying Cockroach Runs Deep knee lunges Body Isolations- Heads, […]


WARMUP: right arm over/left arm over right 5 CP IC THE THANG: EMOM 1 8 single arm swings 8 alt goblet lunges 8 alt waiters press (half kneeling) 8 alt bent over rows 1 lap around track EMOM 2 10 goblet squats 8 alt thrusters each arm 15 LBC presses 5 man makers 1 lap […]