The Circuitous Nature of Life

WARMUP: IW, HBW, MNC, INC, SSH all IC 10 count THE THANG: Mosey to fountain via The Circuitous Nature of Life. 10 partner leg throws at UPS store, mosey to Panera 10 Partner leg throws, mosey to Conns 10 partner leg throws, mosey to fountain. 10 step yups each leg followed by the Erkin flip […]

Route Choices

WARMUP: Route options explained. See photos in this thread for route options. THE THANG: Run/Walk/Ruck MARY: Had a little lamb ANNOUNCEMENTS: Smiley Face and Anchor Bar in charge of Bethel meal in June, jump in and help out. Memorial Day Murph at Old Town Hog & Coyote Father’s Day weekend. Check out the email newsletter […]

This Sucks

WARMUP: Count and Route THE THANG: Left out of lot, left on 901, left on Cherry, right on Finley, left on Black,left on Main, right on Constitution, right on Stewart, left on Oakland, left on Cherry, right on Main then finish inside the lot. 9 ran and 1 did a weighted vest, kettle bell, jog […]