Bust A Move

WARMUP: The route was explained and a count was taken. THE THANG: I came up with a 4 mile loop, down Oakland Ave, right on Cherry Rd, right on Myrtle Dr, left on Charlotte Ave and back to the fountain. MARY: She had a little lamb. ANNOUNCEMENTS: P200 next weekend, Time change at The Veteran […]

Something Different

WARMUP: THE THANG: down 901 to QT hooked a L on Cherry hooked, a R on Finley Rd went to the end turned L on Main, R on Constitution went around the circle then beside district 3 stadium back to Cherry, hooked a L on Cherry and went all the way back down to QT, […]

The Queen

Great conversation about the Queen, aka The Daily Discipline of what a HIM eats. A few interesting points that came from our conversation: 1. Portion Control is key to weight management. Too much good food can still allow weight to be gained. 2. The accelerating HIM needs alignment with his concentrica for weight management. This […]

Rooster Recovery

Well deserved Rooster recovery saunter for some & 7 miles for Pawpaw who was Rooster work sacked. The theme today: Don’t go chasing water hoses. Coffee and adult lunchable to complete the morning. https://youtube.com/shorts/HL93yfBatq4?feature=share

Running with Darth

WARMUP: We did some stretching and walked around the Sam’s club with the bells. THE THANG: We did a number of different bicep, tricep and other terrible stuff and then ran halfway around Sam’s Club and back. Then we repeated that like six times. MARY: ANNOUNCEMENTS: COT: