Pre-200 Leg 2

WARMUP: THE THANG: Down main to Food Lion L towards Anderson, L on Anderson, R on Springdale, L towards York tech, straight all the way to Manchester, Circle Manchester and return in reverse MARY: ANNOUNCEMENTS: COT:

Rooster Recovery

Well deserved Rooster recovery saunter for some & 7 miles for Pawpaw who was Rooster work sacked. The theme today: Don’t go chasing water hoses. Coffee and adult lunchable to complete the morning. https://youtube.com/shorts/HL93yfBatq4?feature=share


Because I’m getting older we started late.  We were just standing around talking before I realized it was already 5:17.  I gave a quick disclaimer and we warmed up with: 15 Low Slow Squats – IC 15 Imperial Walkers – IC 15 Side Straddle Hops – IC 15 Windmills – IC We moseyed to the […]