Miracle Mile 4-5 mile loop

WARMUP: THE THANG: Ran or Walked to Miracle mile and back. For the more experienced runner they circled Winthrop Coliseum and back. MARY: No show today ANNOUNCEMENTS: Hog and Coyote, Bethel next week. COT:Jester closed us out in prayer. Prayers for all brothers going through things right now.

IPAX @ The Mile

WARMUP: IC: IW HW CP WM MNC SSH THE THANG: Took a lap around. Then onto the suck: IPAX: Inspector Gadget EMOM 3 Burpees. Started with 3 Burpees 50 Hand Release Merkins 100 Leg Lifts 150 Jump Squats 200 Big Boys 250 Lunges (Dbl Count) All made it into the lunges. I paused in the […]

Shooting from the hip

WARMUP: windmills, ssh, merkins, and probably some others THE THANG: moseyed over to the rec center parking lot for some work at all the lights poles followed up with some wall sits. Repeated all of that a couple times. My normal…make it up as I go. It ended up being a pretty good whole body […]

Slow Justice

WARMUP: OYO THE THANG: Route: West main to cherry, left, cherry to constitution, left to Herlong, left back to west main, left back to AO. About 4.75 miles. Walkers, ruckers, runners MARY: She tripped me at mile 4.5 and I bit the concrete and asphault. Pride and body are hurting. ANNOUNCEMENTS: Successful BMS last night […]