This Sucks

WARMUP: Count and Route THE THANG: Left out of lot, left on 901, left on Cherry, right on Finley, left on Black,left on Main, right on Constitution, right on Stewart, left on Oakland, left on Cherry, right on Main then finish inside the lot. 9 ran and 1 did a weighted vest, kettle bell, jog […]

Not Enough Time

Full body workout involving 4 corners, Dora 1-2-3 and Bear-Way-to-Heaven. Time git away fron us and weren’t able to complete Bear-Way-to-Heaven. At COT discussed vulnerability, community and judgement stemming from the book Soul of Shame. PAX ended our morning with announcements and prayers being lifted up. Thank you for allowing me to lead @Triad. Have […]

Shake -n Bake Part 2

You already heard from White Hat that he and Gold Plate will be coQ’s at The Commons.  YHC will plant the flag. It is all part of a Friday Site Q swap. Jester will be Q at Petra and Homer will be Q at The Veteran. #SYITG

Round & Round

Thank you to the 21 other PAX who showed up to the track at Wally Falcon on this extremely nice gloom to share in some time on the track. Thank you to Freddie for allowing YHC to lead this morning. WARMUP I had asked the PAX to warmup before we started so everyone was good […]

Count your blessing on good days and bad

Low slow squats, tempo merkins, im0erial walkers, and Beverley Hillbillies before 10 burpees. Mosey to the bars at the Y for a round of 11s with pull ups and burpees. There was no complaining. Mosey to Ceder Creek Park and pair off. One partner holds Al Gore while the other runs the length of the […]