Fellowship Run & Gun

2.5 miles and smiles involving: 7’s (jump squats & 💎 merkins), Starfish (25 dbl ct flutters, 25 box cutters, 25 big boys, 25 tricyles & 25 LBC’s with 20 merkins in the center) with some stretching to start and finish the workout.

Burpee-fest or fart-fest? Both!!!

WARMUP: stretch THE THANG: run from the AO to India Hook. At every intersection, stop and do 5 burpees. 15 sets on the way up, 15 sets on the way back. Total mileage: 3.14 miles (would’ve been good on Pi Day as well) Total burpees: 150. ANNOUNCEMENTS: P200 coming up. need people to push chairs […]

What is truth?

Stretch what needs stretching then 10 tempo merkins, 10 low slow squats, 10 6 count burpees all IC. 20 lbcs with legs up 20 lbcs with legs at a right angle 20 lbcs with legs extended 20 metro crunches each side 20 tricycles each side 20 heels to the heavens Mosey to the park Dora […]

Upper body loops

WARMUP: SSH, Seal Jacks, Shoulder Taps, Merkins, Run to Winthrop campus for a 0.4 mile loop pre-run THE THANG: 0.4 mile loop with 4 corners stations St 1: 25 Dips St 2: 25 CDD St 3: 25 Mike Tysons St 4: 25 Wide Arm Merkins Rinse and repeat but this time 20 reps at each […]

Segment running

WARMUP: 60 ssh ic Windmills Hill hills Imperial walkers THE THANG: 1 mile warm up 4 hill repeats about .20 miles long 25 leg toss per partner Run to Winthrop to run segments around Byrnes loop. Mosey back to cot- covered 4 miles MARY: ANNOUNCEMENTS: COT:

Q vs Q Week 1 – 2023

River Rat led a short warm-up. SSH windmills Morrocan Night Clubs Mountain climbers Al Gore Q1 – Zalinsky burpee waterfall down the hill Q2 – Esso Laps around the RV lot. 10 burpees every time the whistle blew. Exercises at each lap. Q3 – Zalinsky Partner 4 corners Merkins, Big Boys, Squats Q4 – Esso […]