It’s Lit!

WARMUP: pre stretch THE THANG: Out from AO, left on Saluda and take it as long in 25 min then turn around. MARY: ANNOUNCEMENTS: Read newsletter. COT: prayers and praises and I prayed us out. Appreciate the chance to lead this Friday morning AO Anchor Bar! Get on it Q schedule men!

Bells for Breakfast

WARMUP: SSH, Morrocans, Windmills, Imperials, HillBillies THE THANG: Mosey around the back of Academy grab some wall Peoples Chair, Curls, BTTW, Shoulder Press, BTTW Mosey a bit Curls, Tricep Extensions, Upright Rows, John Deeres, Mosey to the lot Swings, Curls, Tricep ext, Halos, John Deeres, Steph Curry, Around the World, Travoltas, Power to the people […]

Be Intentional

Warm up: Stretches, moroccan night clubs, tempo merkins, low slow squats. Thang: Tabata stations- we alternated two stations with 40 seconds on 20 seconds off for 6 rounds (three sets at each station). After each set of stations we moseyed the parking lot and then moved to the next station. Stations were: Man-makers/Plank, curls/lbcs, Backdowns/squats, […]

Here comes the BOOM

WARMUP:: Moroccan Calf Raises SSH Low Slow Merkins Shoulder stretches Supermans Lunge Stretch THE THANG: Half the group with Sally, half with flair Sally: Question 1: What 3 presidents died on July 4th? Workout – Mini Murph Correct – 10 Pullups, 20 Merkins, 30 Squats Incorrect – 20 Pull Ups, 40 Merkins, 60 Squats Question […]