Who discovered the gold?

WARMUP: SSH, Cherry Pickers, Windmills, Italian Night Clubs THE THANG: History Lesson: This Day in History Events 41AD – Caligula assassinated 1076 – Pope Gregory VII fired 1679 – Charles II disbands parliament 1722 – Peter the Great begins civil system 1789 – Estates General called by Louis XVI 1848 – James Marshall finds gold […]

Burpees and Other Things

WARMUP: disclaimer and some Stretching THE THANG: the ruckers and runners left to ruck and run. Those that remained, we did 100 burpee’s total and we did a several rounds of pick your poison with a few things that were fun but sucked. Some sweat and the echos of laughs were left at Miracle Mile […]

Redeeming that coupon

WARMUP: 1 Burpee, then some little arm circles followed by big THE THANG: Mosey to wall by noodle place for some peoples chair, each pax did 10 merkins then moved to the end of the line, repeat til the end of the wall. Continued to recruitment center toys. 1 PAX flipped a log while others […]

Tracking the hills

First we did a burpee. Then we headed to the track with a warm up lap, followed by a faster lap. Shampoo. Mosey down Eden Terrace to Winthrop, right onto Oakland, right onto Cherry, right onto Caswell, back to the track for another mile of alternating slaw and fast laps. Good work this morning men!