Four corners of morning bliss

WARMUP: the usual suspects THE THANG: mosey around the BMX track with some exercises at each corner. Return to a smaller four corners and alternate grueling work. Great little morning convo between gasps of air. ANNOUNCEMENTS: Memorial Day Murph, Hog and Coyote COT: praise for Kids and accomplishments, prayers for kids and accomplishments, prayers for […]

We Saw A Coyote

WARMUP: None THE THANG: From the BMX track ran to River Road and did 4 AMRAP exercises 45sec each with a 12sec break in between Mnt Climbers Bomb Jacks Shoulder Taps Squat Thrusts Ran back to the gate at the BMX track and did 4 AMRAP exercises 45sec each with a 12sec break in between […]

Shoulders and Arms Day

WARMUP: SSH Morrocan Night Clubs Imperial Walkers HillBilly Walkers Tempo Merkins Low Slow Squats Windmills THE THANG: Do a little mosey then: 5 Kraken Burpees 20 forward arm circles, 20 reverse, 20 Seal claps, 20 OH Claps Mosey a little 5 Kraken Burpess 5 mountain climber merkins, 10 Orphan annies Mosey to wall Active recovery […]

Don’t forget to dry your shoes

WARMUP: Moroccan Calf Raises Imperial Walkers SSH Low Slow Merkins Shoulder Stretch Arm Across L&R Lunge Stretch L&R THE THANG: Sally: Level Up at amphitheater 5 reps each, do first level, bear crawl up, mosey downstairs, then do first level and second level… and so on Dips LBC Squats Overhead Claps Leg raise Seal claps […]