I need a HERO!

You read it right – I need a HERO!!! So now that Thirsty Thursday Brew Run is over as well as IPC it is time for a new monthly installment at The Goose! So I cordially invite you to join YHC as we end the year with a month ending HERO WOD at The Goose! […]

There’s a RAT @ The Goose!!!

That’s right, There will be a rat at The Goose tomorrow afternoon! Please come and join YHC as River Rat is leading the charge. To my knowledge or at least since I’ve held the Flag this is River Rats first time Q at The Goose. So that means you should probably be there to support […]

Zalinsky @ BTC

You heard it right!!! It maybe a little chilly, there may not be much sun but I promise you we will stay warm as we’ll be bootin and a scootin! Hope yall can join me tomorrow morning as I plan to work you out properly! Wherever you decide just make sure you don’t fartsack it […]

Snarky Title?

You read that write YHC is leading the charge this evening at Night @ The Museum! Get on out and post with me. Relay maybe the word of the night or repeat or renew….IDK still not sure! Just come hang out with us! https://media.giphy.com/media/XPhSvoSumhG0TpXigb/giphy.gif