Burpee-fest or fart-fest? Both!!!

WARMUP: stretch THE THANG: run from the AO to India Hook. At every intersection, stop and do 5 burpees. 15 sets on the way up, 15 sets on the way back. Total mileage: 3.14 miles (would’ve been good on Pi Day as well) Total burpees: 150. ANNOUNCEMENTS: P200 coming up. need people to push chairs […]

What is truth?

Stretch what needs stretching then 10 tempo merkins, 10 low slow squats, 10 6 count burpees all IC. 20 lbcs with legs up 20 lbcs with legs at a right angle 20 lbcs with legs extended 20 metro crunches each side 20 tricycles each side 20 heels to the heavens Mosey to the park Dora […]

The Queen

Great conversation about the Queen, aka The Daily Discipline of what a HIM eats. A few interesting points that came from our conversation: 1. Portion Control is key to weight management. Too much good food can still allow weight to be gained. 2. The accelerating HIM needs alignment with his concentrica for weight management. This […]

Upper body loops

WARMUP: SSH, Seal Jacks, Shoulder Taps, Merkins, Run to Winthrop campus for a 0.4 mile loop pre-run THE THANG: 0.4 mile loop with 4 corners stations St 1: 25 Dips St 2: 25 CDD St 3: 25 Mike Tysons St 4: 25 Wide Arm Merkins Rinse and repeat but this time 20 reps at each […]

Q vs Q Week 1 – 2023

River Rat led a short warm-up. SSH windmills Morrocan Night Clubs Mountain climbers Al Gore Q1 – Zalinsky burpee waterfall down the hill Q2 – Esso Laps around the RV lot. 10 burpees every time the whistle blew. Exercises at each lap. Q3 – Zalinsky Partner 4 corners Merkins, Big Boys, Squats Q4 – Esso […]


Punxy took us through a conversation about the importance of pushing ourselves to be physically better. Please join us next week as we discuss the importance of Queen, or how we manage what we consume.