An uncommon experience

WARMUP: Stretches followed by Moroccan nightclubs, tempo merkins, and low slow squats. 10 burpees. THE THANG: Mosey to the lawn at Dinkins for some Jailhouse rock- 7s with prison cells and prison squats Mosey to the Y for another round of 7s. Toes to bar and Mount Everest Merkins. Mosey back to the AO doing […]

What are Navy SEAL burpees?

WARMUP: IWs, HWs, CPs, Windmills all IC THE THANG: Navy SEAL Burpees IC Squats IV Hand Release Merkins IC Superman’s IC Mosey to church parking lot More Navy SEAL Burpees IC Bear Crawl along parking lines increasing exercise count per line: P(eter Parker) M(ountain Climbers) S(ki abs) 2 laps around parking lot loop Probably more […]

Lead from the Back

WARMUP: Route was discribed: Up Herlong, left on Constituition, past the round about on White, left on Wilson, left on Oakland, slight right on India Hook back to AO. The basic route was just under 6 miles with opportunities to lengthen or shorten as needed. THE THANG: MARY: ANNOUNCEMENTS: Smiley Face and Anchor Bar are […]

Cindy’s at the Fountain, and she likes good form

WARMUP: Moroccan Calf Raises Imperial Walkers Big Arm Circles SSH Low Slow Merkins Supermans Wide Leg Stretch L&R Lunge Stretch L&R THE THANG: Mosey to Fountain Cindy work(thanks Zalinsky!) Partner up. One does exercise while other runs loop around fountain. -One arm row Left -One Arm Rows Right -Good mornings -Shoulder press -Curls -2 Arm […]

Round Robin

WARMUP: stretched-windmills-imperial walkers-hillbilly walkers THE THANG: picked the block up- sat the block down- ran a few laps MARY: ANNOUNCEMENTS: Bethel meal-hog and coyote- Memorial Day convergence- COT:

4 Corner Tire Flip

WARMUP: Disclaimer Moroccan Calf Raises Imperial Walkers Hillbilly Walkers SSH Low Slow Merkins Supermans Wide Leg Stretch L&R Lunge Stretch L&R THE THANG: Tire Flip 4 corners around parking lot loop Indian tire flip to first corner Waiting does 1 merkin each flip 80 LBC’s Indian tire flip to 2nd corner Waiting does 1 squat […]

Soo Many Activities!!

WARMUP: IC: IW HW MNC INC CP WM THE THANG: Got to getting because I had 3 stops I wanted to make that I’ve never been to. Mosey to Fewell Park whereas at every intersection drop and give me 10 merkins. Made it to park. From my F3 Greer boys the following were called: Dora […]