Three Amigos

Low slow squats, tempo merkins, Moroccan nightclubs 1 lap Stations Timer- drag 2 blocks to the tree and back. Once everyone had done the drag we ran a lap, so two laps to complete the round. Other stations: Tire flips, curls, bent over rows, and American Hammers with 2 bricks Shampoo 7s with burpees and […]

Just the two of us

WARMUP: it was warm so we didn’t bother THE THANG: 20 15 10 descending reps of each of the following. Imperial walkers Hillbilly walkers Ninja walkers Moroccan night club Seal claps Baby arm circles Calf raises Low slow Squats Calf raises toes out Lunges Calf raises toes in Wall sitHead shoulder Wall sit with message […]

Omaha Omaha- Mrs Burns

WARMUP: we stretched and prepared mentally for the workout THE THANG: 20 Overhead presses with the cinder block 20 Burpees 20 Block Curls 20 VUps 20 Goblet squats 13 Man Makers 400 Meter Run Rinse and Repeat Thanks for putting this together Reborn! MARY: ANNOUNCEMENTS: Rooster, P200, HOBOs tonight, read the newsletter COT:we did it