6 Years & Shovel Flag Handoff

WARMUP: Catfish favorite SSH Windmills (Pac Man propeller style) MNC’s THE THANG: 9 cindys & 2 tires (11 stations & 1 runner as timer) Station 1: Tire Flip Station 2: Sledgehammer Tire Smash Station 3: Manmakers Station 4: Bicep curls Station 5: Chest Press Station 6: LBC’s Station 7: Squats Station 8: Upright Rows Station […]

longest squat hold story ever

WARMUP: 10 burpees Moroccan Night clubs Bill Nye told a hilarious story about violent turkeys while we held a deep squat. THE THANG: mosey a lap around the building. partner Dora 100- hand release release merkins 200- palm to ground jump squats 300-6inch to heels to heaven things this took most of the time up. […]

Omaha Beach Trip

WARMUP: Stretch Cherry Pickers – 10 Windmills – 10 Hillbilly Walkers – 15 Merkins – 10 OYO Imperial Walkers – 15 THE THANG: Run Loop around church while performing below exercises each light pole. First Loop – 10 Merkins Each Pole Second Loop – 10 Carolina Dry Docks Each Pole Third Loop – 10 Shoulder […]

Hills, HIMs and Tutus

WARMUP: SSH; MNC; WM; Burpees and a pirouette demonstration by slow pitch THE THANG: hill runs with 25 merkins; 25 LBCs and 25 Squats at the top and bottom Partner work: P1 runs across parking lot and does 10 burpees, P2 does alternating lunges and then switch. MARY: ANNOUNCEMENTS: last Tuesday lunch and first Wednesday […]

Burpees and Other Things

WARMUP: disclaimer and some Stretching THE THANG: the ruckers and runners left to ruck and run. Those that remained, we did 100 burpee’s total and we did a several rounds of pick your poison with a few things that were fun but sucked. Some sweat and the echos of laughs were left at Miracle Mile […]