Anchor Bar’s 7 Year Anniversary Q

WARMUP: “Disc”claimer was given and I talked about the importance of F3 to me over the past 7 years. THE THANG: Warm up Dora Burpee Suicides 100 Merkins 200 Squats 300 LBC’s Elevens Gunslingers Shoulder Taps Partner Work Lunges Leg Lifts Plank Overhead Claps MARY: A little bit of AB leg including Walker calling cadence […]

Kettle Bell Pick Your Poison

WARMUP: SSH-10 MNClubs- 15 Windmills- 10 Squats-10 KB walking lunges THE THANG: Workout 1 hand KB Swing( 10ct each side)Go down 1 rep after each round and go to next line. Rinse repeat KB high Pulls ( 10ct each side) Go down 1 rep after each round and go to next line. Mosey around the […]

Are there 4 corners in an 8?

WARMUP: SSH, Windmills, MNC, stretch THE THANG: Using the figure 8 of the two parking lots at the entrance we had 4 stations that we treated like 4 corners. We did 4 rounds. 10 burpees 20 merkins 30 squats 40 LBC’s 10 Prison Cells 20 diamonds 30 lunges 40 big boys 10 Plank Jack burpees […]


WARMUP: None THE THANG: For the first anniversary of my dads death we did the following exercises to the following songs.  All the songs remind me of my dad in some way. I appreciate those that showed up in the pouring rain with me. Down home Curls with man makers on down home International harvester […]

Professional unprofessional lacrosse tryouts

WARMUP: Imperial Walkers, Hillybillys, cherry pickers, Moroccan night clubs. Over head carry to workout. THE THANG: 25 REPS OF: goblet squats, curls, tricep extensions, overhead press x6 SETS for a total of 150 reps for each movement. Between each set we nar up the hill MARY: idk what this means lol ANNOUNCEMENTS: Bethel COT: idk […]

5 Core Principles

Thank you to the 9 other PAX who showed up to Miracle Mile on this humid gloom to share in some great fellowship and some early morning work. It was an awesome time, and all PAX did a tremendous job. Thank you to Hillian for allowing YHC to lead this morning. WARMUP We began the […]

Burpee ladder

WARMUP: stretched and disclaimer THE THANG: We did Burpees starting at 1 working our way to 10 incrementally then worked our way down starting at 9 and ending at 1. 100 total MARY: ANNOUNCEMENTS: COT:

cave man club

WARMUP: SSH, imperial walkers, cherry pickers, Windmills, go pick up Cindy THE THANG: Round robin/AMRAP exercises – one PAX flips tire x10 Other PAX does Full range merkins Dips Curls Overhead press Bent over rows Lap around church -one PAX does sledge swings x10 Other PAX does Cindy squat Cindy swing Cindy lunge alternating Cindy […]