Omaha Omaha- Mrs Burns

WARMUP: we stretched and prepared mentally for the workout THE THANG: 20 Overhead presses with the cinder block 20 Burpees 20 Block Curls 20 VUps 20 Goblet squats 13 Man Makers 400 Meter Run Rinse and Repeat Thanks for putting this together Reborn! MARY: ANNOUNCEMENTS: Rooster, P200, HOBOs tonight, read the newsletter COT:we did it

6 Years & Shovel Flag Handoff

WARMUP: Catfish favorite SSH Windmills (Pac Man propeller style) MNC’s THE THANG: 9 cindys & 2 tires (11 stations & 1 runner as timer) Station 1: Tire Flip Station 2: Sledgehammer Tire Smash Station 3: Manmakers Station 4: Bicep curls Station 5: Chest Press Station 6: LBC’s Station 7: Squats Station 8: Upright Rows Station […]

longest squat hold story ever

WARMUP: 10 burpees Moroccan Night clubs Bill Nye told a hilarious story about violent turkeys while we held a deep squat. THE THANG: mosey a lap around the building. partner Dora 100- hand release release merkins 200- palm to ground jump squats 300-6inch to heels to heaven things this took most of the time up. […]