Little old little new

WARMUP: SSH, MMN, Cherry pickers, windmills, imperial walkers THE THANG: Sousa led the first half with some sevens work dedicated to the seven habits of highly successful people followed by some Dora 1,2,3 partner work. Some moseying around too! JAG took the second half with some brick work (arms) and some moseying to the tennis […]

The World Is Flat

WARMUP: Route explained and count off THE THANG: Our little corner of the world was close to being flat this morning. This has to be one of the flattest routes in Rock Hill. It was a simple out and back route, right on Oakland Avenue, left on Ebenezer Avenue and turn around at the 22 […]

Hills, hills and more hills.

WARMUP: We all warmed up and got stretched out on our own, and we were ready to go at five o’clock a.m. THE THANG: The route that we took this morning, took us up and down the hills from jags house up past northwestern. Somewhere running somewhere rotten, and somewhere doing different things in between. […]

Topless & Bikinis

There was some day before chatter about @Zalinsky hitting the AM gloom in a bikini with blinkies along with a topless @Honeypot. The later is a fairly regular occurrence (so no great surprise); however, not so much for the former. Sadly, as the clock struck 0500, no @Zalinsky in a bikini with blinkies. Maybe another […]

Judicial Oversight Committee

WARMUP: On own THE THANG: Great mix of runners and ruckers and walkers getting in a good hour of hitting the asphalt and concrete; all objections were overruled MARY: Almost caught her ANNOUNCEMENTS: Dam to Dam this Sat, Frying Pan birthday party next Sat, Rooster Sat March 4, Very successful Juvenile/BMS event last night COT: […]


Because I’m getting older we started late.  We were just standing around talking before I realized it was already 5:17.  I gave a quick disclaimer and we warmed up with: 15 Low Slow Squats – IC 15 Imperial Walkers – IC 15 Side Straddle Hops – IC 15 Windmills – IC We moseyed to the […]

island hopping

WARMUP: Knee/ankle rotations Trunk rotations Neck rotations Arm circles Run in place -punch to front -punch to sky SSH STRETCHES: chest Tricep Upper back Frog Hip and back Abdominals THE THANG: 1st island -wide merkins -merkins -diamond merkins Lunge to next island -squat -donkey kicks -imperial walkers Butt kicks to next island -hello dollies -flutter […]