Bat Skin?

WARMUP: seal jacks, cherry pickers ,over head claps, lap around the parking Lot and a plank THE THANG: Mosey to get a coupon Partner Dora Lap with coupon 100 diamond merkins 200 squats 300 American hammers Trivia What are the F3 names, AND, the hospital names of the men who founded F3? Dredd & OBT, […]

Bust A Move

WARMUP: The route was explained and a count was taken. THE THANG: I came up with a 4 mile loop, down Oakland Ave, right on Cherry Rd, right on Myrtle Dr, left on Charlotte Ave and back to the fountain. MARY: She had a little lamb. ANNOUNCEMENTS: P200 next weekend, Time change at The Veteran […]

Something Different

WARMUP: THE THANG: down 901 to QT hooked a L on Cherry hooked, a R on Finley Rd went to the end turned L on Main, R on Constitution went around the circle then beside district 3 stadium back to Cherry, hooked a L on Cherry and went all the way back down to QT, […]