F3F Palmetto North Foundation’s Mission:

To leverage the men of F3 Nation to develop and strengthen male leadership in our communities

F3F Palmetto North Foundation’s Vision:

Activate male leadership to serve the underprivileged community for the glory of God and the advancement of His Kingdom by partnering with faith based and community service organizations.

“F3 has done an awesome job in assisting with the Paradise Reading Center at the Greater Bethlehem Baptist Church. Each Monday or Wednesday, we can count on support from the men of F3. Well done, men!”

Example of Action


Collaboratively support the passion and leadership of the men of F3 to engage in community service activities through funding support and volunteer alignment.

Proactively invests our time, talent and treasure to bring light, life and hope to the underprivileged community in York and Lancaster counties by building awareness, educating and activating service by the community.

We work collaboratively with local faith based and community service organizations to unify the body of Christ around the unique needs of the community – this involves:

  • Abiding – Each area of service alignment will be prayerfully advanced based on abiding in God’s plan and not our own innate pride.
  • Humility – We understand that in most cases North Palmetto F3F does not know how to serve the diverse underprivileged communities. Further, we understand that initiatives designed solely by North Palmetto F3F without the input of the community can have a pronounced negative impact on the people they were intended to help.
  • Relationship – We engage those who live in the community and those who are already serving the community to identify needs of the community.

We lead collaborative and sustainable initiatives for the underprivileged community that define success at the onset and create a partnership with those being served.

  • Leadership – Activate leadership of the men of F3 and influence leadership competencies in those being served.
  • Define Success – Define expected outcomes at the beginning of the service project.
  • Partnership – Focus on Empowering those being served based on shared responsibility, partnership and mutual support.


Various opportunities to serve exist in the community:

    • G-Fit (aka Get-Fit) is a community work out in Paradise which is an underprivileged African-American community in Fort Mill. Times vary seasonally. See link for Q-tips for this AO. Contact Deacon with any questions.
    • Paradise Reading Center is a weekly opportunity to build the academic skills of an underprivileged African-American community in Fort Mill. Times vary seasonally. See link for Q-tips for this AO. Contact Copay with any questions.
    • Rock Hill Attention Center work out in Rock Hill. Times vary seasonally and the location is not public information for the protection of the children. See link for Q-tips for this AO. Contact Chicken Hawk with any questions.



F3F was established to empower F3 members and support the philanthropic causes that are important to them. Through its grant-making program, F3F directs funding to local programs that develop and strengthen male leadership. Funding decisions are made through an objective and meticulous application process, with selection ultimately determined by the F3F Board of Directors and/or the F3F Chapter Advisory Board.

F3F relies on a bottom-up approach to community involvement and impact. The purpose of the grant program is to support and further the generosity, passion, and personal initiative of F3 members. F3F requires all individuals seeking a grant for their cause/project to complete a comprehensive application, which is available on F3F’s website or can be requested by contacting F3F directly.


In order for an organization or service project to qualify for an F3F grant or support, it must meet all of the following guidelines:

      • Projects/programs must demonstrate commitment to F3F’s mission and funding priorities
      • Grants are made to new or existing projects and programs with:
        • A narrow focus
        • A local presence and impact
      • At least two F3 members must be actively involved in the organization or program receiving the grant
      • Recipients must provide a final written report and an accounting of how the funds were utilized




      1. Review the criteria listed above. If you or your program do not meet these standards, F3F will not be able to consider you for funding.
      2. If you are requesting funding for the first time complete this form.
      3. If you are requesting funding for an already approved project and have completed the full application then complete this form.
      4. F3F Palmetto North will decision the funding request within 7 days and provide you a written response.
      5. After the project is approved you will gather all receipts and submit to F3F Palmetto North and funds will be reimbursed within 7 days.
      6. If your program fits within our guidelines, F3F invites you to complete a formal application, which is available on the F3F website. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year.
      7. Within one year, all funding recipients must submit a grant evaluation report that clearly recaps and demonstrates how funding was used.



Contacts: Chicken HawkVuvuzelaPenny PincherDilbertDeacon

Donations: To make donations via PayPal:

Or send checks with “F3F Palmetto North” in the memo line to the following address:

      • F3 Foundation, LLC
      • 1645 Queens Road West
      • Charlotte, NC, 28207