10K to Start the Day

What was the old tagline from the A-Team back in the 80’s, “I love it when a plan comes together!” I say this because YHC had some concerns with the “DON’T Q IT IF YOU CAN’T DO IT” late yesterday into early today as my leg was still bothering me from a Sunday afternoon solo […]

Embrace the discomfort

12 men joined YHC on a balmy 22 degree morning for 6 miles of mosey with some speed work intermixed. The Thang: Slow mosey to get warm up India Hook to Oakland Baptist. Stretch at OBC. Slightly faster run down Ebenezer. 5kish (as much as can be done when its that cold) down Herlong back […]

Pre-Blast: Being a #HIM to those less fortunate.

This past June YHC had the honor and privilege to take a team of youth and adults on an out of country Mission Experience to Quito, Ecuador for the first time in my life.  It was such an amazing experience so much so that YHC is returning for a week beginning February 1 and returning […]

Running past Christmas

  YHC was honored as always to lead this great group of 6 other HIMs at Wall St. on this glorious brisk morning. Thank you Big Fundamental for the opportunity. WARMUP I had asked the PAX to be warm at the start of the workout so there was no official warmup. However, YHC did lead […]

Don’t be a Lemming

Warm-ups at the AO (SSH, 30 seconds of stretching OYO) Mosied to find Eagles Nest crew on Winthrop campus and found them near the flag. Pac-man lead some stuff Mosied back to Oakland Baptist CDD x5 on each step (went up backwards to help with keeping the angle on the shoulders ) With 7 PAX […]

The Least of These

10 HIM’s of the Rock Region gathered today at Wall Street to get in a few miles this muggy morning.  I got a call the day prior from Herbie and he was a bit under the weather so YHC was more than glad to grab the Q stick and run with it (pun intended).  We […]