Making a mark at The Tavern

This morning 12 men gathered to be pushed and sharpened. As Q it was my pleasure to help provide the opportunity for this. Circle, disclaimer, and then Thang: All IC- Moroccan night clubs, Imperial Walkers, Side Straddle Hop Mosey to the Wheel of Misfortune. A small running circle with a rather steep incline in the […]

ALL NEW Roving Ruck AO

Greetings PAX! At the behest of the F3Nation, we are excited to announce a new initiative coming soon to the Rock Region.  Starting Monday, July 9th at Independence we will host weekly ruck workouts alternatively at each of the Rock Regions fine AO’s (see schedule below).  These workouts will begin and end at the simultaneously […]

Taverns Playground

I was loading up the boat getting ready to hit the lake when Pescador texted me that I had Q tomorrow, which I thought was the next week (got to check the schedule more often LOL) . Want to talk about accountability!  I knew that my plans of getting wild, crazy and possibly staying in the […]

7’s at The Tavern-Accelerate

It was an honor to be asked by Ryder to Q at this great AO again on this cool summer gloom. YHC always enjoyed this AO when when driving here didn’t take 25 minutes. 9 of Rock Hill’s finest HIM’s decided to join YHC today. WARMUP We began the morning with the F3 disclaimer and […]

6 for a Herbie

A disclaimer was given to a crew of some fit F3 veterans: We warmed up with SSH 25 IC Moroccan nightclub 20 ic Bomb jacks 10 OYO Mtn climbers 15 ic Diamond murkins 15 ic Carlolina drydocks 15 ic We then did circle burps.  This was a new one for me that I much enjoyed. […]

Showing up with a bang

  The Tavern is one of my favorite AOs so I was excited when the opportunity to Q came up. Between wanting to get more miles and an injury it has been quite a while since I posted at the tavern, so today I broke out some of the greatest hits. Tha Thang: SSH- IC […]

You Represent Something Greater than You

As I looked over the Q schedule earlier this week I noticed that the Tavern had no Q. So I decided to contact Ryder to see if he needed one still. He said yes and I appreciate the opportunity very much. You all did a fantastic job today and the mumblechatter was perfect. WARMUP We […]

The Apache Challenge (04/09/18 thru 04/16/18)

  Gentleman of the Rock Region, I was watching Popeye’s Turkey Punching Story and noticed alot of guys that started this F3 Thing here in Rock Hill, that are no longer posting. For different reasons  I understand life happens and our schedules change. But these are the Brothers of the Gloom that influenced alot of […]