Broga & Slowsy Part Deux

A cold morning of 25 degrees for some Broga and Slowsy (Slow Mosey).  YHC, Chuckie,  promised no gear at PHOP on this day due to no gear usage because of recovering from Sciatica.  So YHC rehashed his workout from October at Independence with some good Sciatic nerve/back stretches that we concentrated on for the workout. […]

The Crisis by Thomas Payne

It is always a pleasure to be on Q at PHOP. It feels like returning home. It was my first site and my time as site Q only deepened my affection for this unique location and set up. A quick COP: SSH, Moroccan Night clubs, Imperial Walkers, Merkans- all IC x 10 Thang: Stations- Timer- […]

Phop – 77!

6 Total showed up for some cinder block fun in the chill air. Circle up gave the disclaimer had one FNG and away we go! SSH, Windmills, Cherry Pickers, Merkins, Imperial Walkers Grab the Cindy and did the following 15 reps each Curls, Ovhehead Press, Tricep Extensions Then Rinse and repeat Moseyed over to one […]



As most of the PAX in the Rock and Fort regions knows my 5 year old daughter (Emma) is a leukemia survivor. We still make a trip every 4 weeks to get blood drawn to check her counts at Levine Children’s Hospital. We also stepped up and raised money last year (Christmas time) for a fellow brother […]

Perspective at PHOP

8 men joined YHC today for an old fashioned PHOP boot camp. We also took some time to talk about our perspective as we lead in our world. (see Moleskin) Warmup: SSH x 15 Windmill x 10 Squat x 10 Toy Soldier across parking lot High Knees across parking lot Butt Kickers across parking lot […]


Taken started off his VQ Gear Workout with 5 minutes of warm ups and did a great job with cadences. He then commenced his 20 minute portion of the workout with a Cindy Circuit, using the long route around the church as the timer. Circuits included Cindy Burpees, Cindy toes smashers, Cindy Curls, Cindy Halos, […]

Dark Helmet Vs Penny Pincher

Last week PHOP was the place to be. Cheddah came across the river and delivered a terrible beating to a group of crazy mother ruckers. Sand bag toss burpees. All sorts of awful ruck things. Also had Penny Pincher and Dark Helmet doing some QvsQ action. Penny started us off. PAX got into groups of […]

Battle of the Balds

12 HIM’s showed up a for a battle of the balds as it was PonyTail vs Pacman in what I would soon find out would be a shoulder beatdown that I would remember for many hours to come. Circled Up Ponytail gave the disclaimer and called the first two exercises Side Straddle Hops Seal Jacks […]

Hardcore Triple Threat Match

Today was a special day at PHOP. A battle of the behemoths. A colossal clash of the cavernous creatures. A VS match between the non founding Site Qs of a legendary AO. 11 PAX joined to see how awful it could get. And it did get pretty bad. CSAUP levels of bad. The Qs tried […]