Extra Grace Required

7 HIMS of the Rock Region gathered today at Old Town on a cool damp morning to push & encourage one another.  There were no FNG’s today so a brief disclaimer was provided and the PAX were reminded to challenge yourselves, encourage one another & have fun.  We began with the warm-up which included SSH, […]

Family in The Gloom

I probably have made the drive to OldTown close to 150 times over the past 3 years. Today was different. Different in the sense that I was heading to OldTown thinking about the countless conversations, laughs, moments, and memories made at this AO in the gloom and trying to remember who I was 3 years […]

Who Do You Play For?

A few months ago, YHC relived the glory days of playing hockey in the suburbs of Philadelphia as a child by putting together a hockey inspired workout at Petra. YHC was in the mood to bring a similar version of this work out to Old Town this morning with some slight variations to it. Four […]

2020 Christmas Eve Convergence

Join Darth, Roxanne and Reborn at the annual F3 Rock Region Christmas Eve Convergence to be held at Old Town this season. Workout will launch at 0600 and last until 0730. All of the festive lights of Old Town will be enjoyed. We are sure PreRuns and PreRucks will be enjoyed by many. 2nd F/Coffeeteria […]

Gratitude Challenge

4 HIMS of the Rock Region gathered today at Old Town on a cool muggy morning this pre-Thanksgiving week.  YHC issues a challenge 2 days prior for anybody posting at Old Town to bring 1-2 canned goods and we had a total of 12 but more on that later.  No FNG’s were present so YHC […]


Thank you to the 5 other PAX who showed up at Old Town on this beautiful gloom to sharpen iron and push each other. It was a blessing to be back at this AO with my brothers and facing the gloom together and not alone. We have had some time apart and this was a […]

24 Hours of Booty recap –

The current Covid-19 pandemic that we are all living in today made it necessary that this years 24 Hours of Booty would not be normal.  Doing the non-normal is we what we are all about.  So in order to continue to make an Impact this years ride became ‘Unlooped’ meaning that there would be no […]