19 on Q at Iron Academy

Better late than never. Nov 7: Tom Tom with his VQ led 12 men in a strong beat down while another 7 headed out for a nice mosey around the various complexes on Dave Lyle Blvd. The message for the day was about control and symbolized by pyramids of workouts. 5-10-15-20 and a rest at […]

He’s Mad at The Puppy Beatdown!

I consider Iron Academy to be one of the premier F3 Rock AO’s. Not because it is superbly lit, not because it has  “baby skin” smooth concrete parking accommodations, but because of the camaraderie that has developed as a result of some incredible site Q leadership. Not just one leader, but leader after leader in […]

It’s raining gains

The rain let up long enough for a few kettle bell swinging bros to have some mumble chatter and strengthen their cores!  Eight HIM showed up and we all made our way under the Sams club walkway as I figured swinging large weights may not be smart in the rain. Small warmup as follows ssh […]

WOW!!! Didn’t know it was going to be like THIS….

As the growth continues for The Fort and Rock Region, its harder and harder to spend more time with The Across The River Boys and this AO could possibly solve that problem. Myself and some Recon Rangers gathered at a location on the boarder of the two regions. All different age and fitness levels, with […]

Posted for Lucky Charm   all in cadence 25 ssh 15 windmills 10sec count left and right leg stretch 20 MNC 15 merkins Mosey 15 SKToes on back wall 10 bomb jacks Mosey 30 curls 2 hand Active recovery 10 around the back each way 30 squats Active Recovery 10 around the back each way […]

Man makers for everyone

Man makers for everyone!!!!  Opened with no FNGs short disclaimer then into work out SSH x 20 Man Makers count down from 10 to 1= 55 circle up in people chair and passed 36lbs kettle for 3 rounds. Then dropped an inch and passed it again for one round. Rinse repeated for another round indian […]