ALL NEW Roving Ruck AO

Greetings PAX! At the behest of the F3Nation, we are excited to announce a new initiative coming soon to the Rock Region.  Starting Monday, July 9th at Independence we will host weekly ruck workouts alternatively at each of the Rock Regions fine AO’s (see schedule below).  These workouts will begin and end at the simultaneously […]

300 and A Cord of 3 Strands

An evening message from Whitney asking if I can fill in for a worksacked Pax in the morning caused me to pause and look in the mirror. You see, I have a bit of OCD anal retentive attitude with regard to planning. My typical pre-Q routine is to go to the location at least 24-48 hours ahead of […]

On May 29th, 10 men of The Rock unpartook of the fart sack and braved the  fear of rain for a solid Q by Bull.  The PAX were rewarded with a steamy morning without a drop of rain, although there was plenty of sweat.  As it so happened, The Cucumber Gang were away with leave, […]

Don’t let a little rain slow you down

10 pax showed up despite consistently wet conditions. The temps weren’t so bad that we couldn’t just enjoy the water and get in a good workout. Warmup 25 – S.S.H – I.C. 20 – Moroccan Night Clubs – I.C. Arm stretches 10 – Slow Windmills – I.C. 20 – Imperial Walkers- I.C. 20 – Hillbilly […]

20 w/ the Q (16 KB Swingers and 4 Runners)

YHC’s morning started off great! I pulled into the parking lot a little “hot” because I’m in the rental and all my stuff is at the garage where my “Ole’ Bessie” is getting a makeover. Evidently someone lit the Bat Signal because Iron Academy was a popular spot today for super heroes of every sort. […]

The Apache Challenge (04/09/18 thru 04/16/18)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ACaQkBJAEE&t=9s   Gentleman of the Rock Region, I was watching Popeye’s Turkey Punching Story and noticed alot of guys that started this F3 Thing here in Rock Hill, that are no longer posting. For different reasons  I understand life happens and our schedules change. But these are the Brothers of the Gloom that influenced alot […]