You’re Stronger Than You Think

This morning brought 13 men from as far away as Lake Wylie (thanks Two Ferns) to do the hard thing this morning at Iron Academy. In addition to their kettlebells, many wore rucks as well. Here’s what we did: The Thang 10 Low Slow Squats (IC) 1 Round Bat Wings (10 MNCs IC, 10 Count, […]

F3 Rock Region Rolling in Rock Hill Project

As the 3rd F leader I believe we need to be in our community assisting those who are in need.  What better way to be in the community to show we are more than just a men’s work out group then to assist in the Rolling in Rock Hill paint project.  Come join us on […]


8 HIM (1 Runner) gathered in the early morning gloom trusting YHC to lead them to be better. That will always be a heavy calling and one that we should never take lightly. The disclaimer was given and the 5 points of F3 were reviewed and we proceded with the warm up. Warm-up SSH – […]

Back to the Academy

It was a beautiful morning at the best lit parking lot in the Rock Region and YHC was happy to return back to one of my favorite AOs: Iron Academy. The disclaimer was given and the warmup began. Warmup SSH Windmills Merkins SSH Mosey to my favorite spot here and that’s the wall behind Academy […]

A Deck of Cards, Kettlebells, and Honeypot

14 men joined YHC for a little kettlebell action on Tuesday at Iron Academy. I even got Honeypot, the shirtless wonder himself out there. The workout was simple: The M got me a F3 “Deck of Death” for Christmas. I figured we’d use these, but adapt for kettlebells. The Pax each drew a card and […]

Pre-Blast: Being a #HIM to those less fortunate.

This past June YHC had the honor and privilege to take a team of youth and adults on an out of country Mission Experience to Quito, Ecuador for the first time in my life.  It was such an amazing experience so much so that YHC is returning for a week beginning February 1 and returning […]



As most of the PAX in the Rock and Fort regions knows my 5 year old daughter (Emma) is a leukemia survivor. We still make a trip every 4 weeks to get blood drawn to check her counts at Levine Children’s Hospital. We also stepped up and raised money last year (Christmas time) for a fellow brother […]

Kettle Bells, 7s on the Hill, & Suicides

It’s finally starting to feel a little like fall, but that didn’t stop us from sweating a little this morning! We kicked off as the clock ticked over to 05:15 with our kettle bells over head for a quick mosey over to the Sam’s parking lot where we circled up for some windmills. Then, with […]