Tavern – Mailman Merkins

4 for 4 mile Pre RUCK- Whitehat, Homer, Cutter & Gold Plate Warm Ups began under the BP Station Canopy while the Rain was being contemplated. R/L & L/R..15 ct Cherry Pickers, Morrocans, Imperial Walkers, Windmill, HillBilly Walkers, & 25 ct SSH. Then a 1/4 mile Mosey in light rain to Harlinsdale Neighborhood entrance for […]

Special Olympics

33 year old Josh Myers of Rock Hill is one of only two SC Special Olympians competing in the World Games in Abu Dhabi March 14-21, 2019. He is autistic and I have known him since he was a non-verbal toddler brought to our Rock Hill JayCees meetings by his special needs teacher Patti Myers, […]

CCC at Starbucks-Intentional Living

The lesson today was about “Living an Intentional Christian Life”. 7 things that may hold you back from living that Life. Not Letting go of the Past Not being Forgiving The concept of I’m not good enough- Low self esteem Busyness. The illusion of accomplishing something by just being busy all the time Not setting […]

January Cell Phone Challenge

Just a few weeks ago at The Commons during an Italian Job WO, he presented the challenge to ‘Make the change that will bring you back to your true self’. BackBlast is here https://www.f3rockregion.com/2018/12/12/who-have-you-become/. Take the time to read it now. After Italian Job posted this BackBlast there were many comments on both Facebook and Twitter […]

Gratitude at the JOC

Boom…ain’t nothing for Fellini and Magic Mike to set you up for a Q at the JOC…Best sunrise in the city baby! Little did I know I would be nursing the recovery of a tweaked calf and hip muscle but a week and two days of Humpty Dumpty had me back in the saddle again. […]

Self Control is Key

It was an honor again to lead such a fine group of 17 HIMs on this humid summer gloom. The dew point was high and so was the energy of the PAX, so YHC knew it would be a sweatfest and a grand time. WARMUP There wasn’t much of a warmup, as I was asking […]


This backblast is long over due.  However not forgotten.  Ever since 8/4/2018 at 7 am I have been mulling over and thinking about this particular morning.  The perfect example of what F3 is all about took place on this foggy humid day at The Patriot. We moseyed down to the track for a Warm Up: […]