Gratitude at the JOC

Boom…ain’t nothing for Fellini and Magic Mike to set you up for a Q at the JOC…Best sunrise in the city baby! Little did I know I would be nursing the recovery of a tweaked calf and hip muscle but a week and two days of Humpty Dumpty had me back in the saddle again. […]

Self Control is Key

It was an honor again to lead such a fine group of 17 HIMs on this humid summer gloom. The dew point was high and so was the energy of the PAX, so YHC knew it would be a sweatfest and a grand time. WARMUP There wasn’t much of a warmup, as I was asking […]


This backblast is long over due.  However not forgotten.  Ever since 8/4/2018 at 7 am I have been mulling over and thinking about this particular morning.  The perfect example of what F3 is all about took place on this foggy humid day at The Patriot. We moseyed down to the track for a Warm Up: […]

Running in Circles with Purpose

The honor to lead 6 of Rock Hill’s fastest HIMs at Falcon 0 on this date was all mine. We had some great fellowship and even greater running. This morning YHC had planned to bring back what Sir Topham Hat did here back in March when YHC was vacationing in the mountains. I did on […]

Fog in the Gloom

My second time at ManU and my first Q at ManU.  It was great to start the day with these men in the fog and gloom.  Listening to the chatter and laughter prior to 5:15 is like medicine for the day ahead. We moseyed over to Manchester Park for a Warm UP: 30 SSH ROL […]

The Lake Life

July 23rd, 2018 — The Roving Ruck Tour came to Night at the Museum. YHC (Fryin’ Pan) gave the F3 Disclaimer began with the warmup. WARMUP The warmup included the following: • Doing a head count • Distributing the two coupons (40lb Sandbag and 50lb sandbag) • Turning everyone in the right direction to move […]

Whetstone-‘I have a partner, now what?’

So you just got paired up with a Whetstone partner…now what? Some partnerships will occur more naturally than others, don’t let this stop you from being consistent. If you happen to get stuck, pick a few of the questions below to discuss. Agree to the three Ps Proximity requires the Stone to physically meet with […]