F3 Rock Region Statement on COVID-19 5.3.20

Pax,   Over a month ago, our region leadership made the difficult decision to close all of our AOs in light of the rapidly escalating COVID-19 pandemic. In the past month, I’ve seen multiple ways that men continue to fight deceleration and attempt to serve the mission of F3: To plant, grow, and serve small […]

04-24-20 Virtual Workout

FOUR CORNERS AMRAP WITH A CENTRAL CORE FOCUS – “JUST ONE MORE” The Warm-Up: 10 Windmills OYO (full rotation of down-up-down-up =1) 20 SSH OYO 20 Seal Jacks OYO 20 Overheads Claps OYO Before getting into the thang here, I need to give a shout out to Iron Sights, Bill Nye, Ruby Slippers and my […]

Garage Boogie – Virtual WOD

Disclaimer – I’m not a professional and every workout is a suggestion! Modify anyway you need to. Won’t be long until we are back together at our AO’s and I look forward to planting that flag at Wally Falcon and getting beat up on the track or grinding out some miles and all the mumble chatter with my […]

Stone Trace Shuffle Virtual Workout

Here is my disclaimer.  I am Anchor Bar and I am not a professional.  Anything I prescribe in this workout is merely a suggestion.  You are free to modify as necessary. I spent some time earlier this week walking around my subdivision gathering information for this workout.  I received a few concerned looks from my […]

Honeypot Virtual Workout

Warmup (OYO)(SC) 50 SSH 25 Hill Bill 50 Mountain Climbers 20 Merkins 20 CDD 7 Jump squats Bear crawl 20ft or 20 SSH Merkins The workout now Jack web 1:4 ratio total: 78 burpees & 264 over head claps. If you don’t like burpees modify to Bomb Jack’s Burpee or man makers : over head […]

Zoom WOD

https://zoom.us/rec/share/4e1LK-Co-VlOGK-Owhn4WLQ-PcPpeaa8h3QZrvUIy07ey0XyDHUh6FfshntqsojI‬ Tried something new today with the digital WOD (video linked above). Here’s what we did: The Thang Round 1 50 Squats 40 WWII Situps 30 Merkins 20 Maktar Jais 10 Burpees Short Run Round 2 3 Minute Plank 30 Second Rest 2 Minute Plank 30 Second Rest 1 Minute Plank Short Run Round 3 […]

April first digital workout

COP: All IC x 10 Side Straddle Hop, Moroccan Night Clubs, Merkans, Mountain climbers Stretch whatever you need, the goal today is to work the whole body a good bit. Each body part gets multiple rounds with increasing numbers. Mind your form because fatigue will try to rob your efforts. Start with a short mosey […]

03/31/2020- Tuesday Virtual Workout

Good morning brothers, I miss working out with you in person! I am looking forward to the time, Lord willing, that we will be able to push each other again. I think of my F3 brothers frequently, and I pray that each of you are doing well despite the various trials we may be experiencing. […]