Happy Birthday BucketHead and Baby Hulk

WARMUP: THE THANG: We had just finished up with Baby Hulk birthday celebration today prior to The Backyard so we just continued the celebration. We had 9 for some fun at the park. We played toilet tag, fox and chickens and then flag football. Afterwards at COT we had some cookie cake to wrap up […]

Throwback Thursday to My 3/10/22 VQ

Backblast: Throwback Thursday to My 3/10/16 That Thang: Disclaimer disclaimed then brief warmup. 10x Irkins on the fountain IC 10x Dips on the fountain IC 10x Irkins on the fountain IC Another Mosey this time down to the lower part of ManU. Partner Up Partner one bear crawls up hill and performs 10 squats, then […]

Under Covers

WARMUP: The others were walking laps along the store front when I pulled in. Lightning in the area forced us under cover. Dropped off a few sandbags and met the crew in front of Luigi’s were we did some brief stretching. THE THANG: Mosey over to the brew supply corner for more space. SSH (IC), […]