Hell Week Finale

WARMUP: X10 Arm circles progressively larger each direction X10 Squat push and reach each side X10 Dying cockroach X10 low slow squat X10 single leg deadlift THE THANG: Mosey to boiler room Run in place with exercise on whistle Jump squat x10 Big boy sit up x10 Hand release merkin x10 Mosey to fountain Park […]

Boot, boot, and more boot

WARMUP: Cracker Jack did the warmup with SSH THE THANG: Cracker Jack led us Under the parking ground for Wall sits Dice rolling Sprints Merkins Then to the Amphitheater for some merkin dip rolls on the wall Atticus took over Dedicated the hard things to my cousin Jeff who would have been 43 today. We […]

the bell rings from the amphitheater

WARMUP: SSH, arm circles, merkins, stretch it out, mosey around city hall. THE THANG: mosey to amphitheater- perform the following with a lap around the amphitheater in-between each exercise: 50 SSH, 50 lbc, 45 SSH, 45 air squats, 40 SSH, 40 jumping lunges, 35 SSH, 35 merkins, 30 SSH, 30 burpees, 25 SSH, 25 lbc, […]

Cindy Fun Saturday

WARMUP: SSH, L Over R, R over L, Cherry Pickers, R arm across, L arm across, mosey to hot box THE THANG: Grab a Cindy, Arms Cindy Press x 10 Cindy Triceps ext x 10 Cindy Curls x 10 Cindy Swings x 10 Legs Cindy Squats x 10 Cindy Lunges x 10each leg Cindy Jack […]

Chest Day!

WARMUP: Winchester took the first 30 w warmup. Highlight was a mini chest shred up and down. We should’ve known! THE THANG: Winchester took us to South State and put it on us after sharing an awesome Bible Verse and words. Pistol Merkin Ladder. 15 merkins run the loop 14 merkins run the loop Down […]

Wings and Things

WARMUP: Disclaimer give and warmed up with 1 Doz. Windmills IC 1 Doz. Low Slow Squats IC 1 Doz. Moroccan Nightclubs IC 1 Doz. Cherry Pickers IC THE THANG: We moseyed over to Fountain Park for some of Anchor Bar’s Famous Chicken Wings. We did three rounds, each pax picking their poison from: – Flying […]

Boot scootin’ beatdown

WARMUP: side straddle hops THE THANG: We took off across the street. We did a round of Jack Webbs before partnering up for some Dora. 1 partner ran with 2 10lb sandbags while other did exercises (200 CCD, 300 squats, 400 lbcs). we then moseyed across the street to the mini hot box for a […]

boiler room

WARMUP: imperial walkers, SSH, morroccan night clubs, etc. THE THANG: -mosey to the “boiler room” for a few rounds of alternating 10 count wall sits and wall balls. -mosey to amphitheater for tiered erkins going up and derkins coming down, step ups going up and squats going down, 100 flutter kicks at bottom. -mosey to […]

America! The shorts

WARMUP: JAG led the pledge. Sousa warmup SSH Two kinds of walker and some windmills THE THANG: Sousa Q mosey to side wall of the building for peoples chair passing of merkins. Sets of 5,10,15 Mosey around the back to the amphitheater for some Dora 1,2,3 (step-ups, dips, squats) Mosey to Fountain park for Sparky […]