building pyramids

WARMUP: Arm circles front back Imperial walkers Hillbilly walkers Windmills Cherry pickers THE THANG: Crazy eights at the fountain 8 squats 8 squat thrust 8 merkins 8 Bomb jacks 8 plank jacks 8 squat thrust 8 squat 8 8count bodybuilders Pyramid at the hotbox 16, 12, 8, 4 reps at each level up ramp then […]

Odom CoQ!

WARMUP: Schrute: SSH × 20 MNC × 20 Windmill x 20 Low Slow Squat x 20 Merkin x 10 CDD x 10 THE THANG: Mosey to Hot Box At every intersection, 10 squats Stairway to heaven: Go Up Stairs to the top, 50 squats, come down other stairs, 50 merkins Follow with 40 squats, 40 […]

Patriot Push

WARMUP: Stretch Cherry Pickers – 10 Windmills – 10 Hillbilly Walkers – 15 Merkins – 10 OYO Imperial Walkers – 15 SSH – Side Saddle Hop – 15 THE THANG: Run To Amphitheater Sevens (Irkin each step on the way up. Dirkin on each step on the way down) Merkins Up Dips Down (last step) […]

Washboard abs?

WARMUP: seal jacks, ssh, honeymooners, cp, mnc, merkins THE THANG: dora at library 100 ww2 200 big boys 300 gas pumpers Mosey to Fountain – partner up again Sprints 4 burpees Parter does flutterkicks (switch) (3 burpees) 2 burpees 1 burpee 4 corners Bear crawl corner to corner – 25 merkins, 25 squats, 25 v […]

Do Hard Things

WARMUP: ssh; IW; HW; Cherry pickers; Wind Mills THE THANG: mosey to Fountain Black Jack – erkins and Superman’s Partner up- run opposite around fountain park Each time you cross do 5 burpees, then run again and do four them three… Mosey to Box and karaoke to the top.   Partner up P1 runs to […]

2023 AO spotlight

WARMUP: light stretching while giving spotty history of the AO with help from Roxanne and waiting on the Camino crowd followed by: deadbugs, squat/push/reach THE THANG: Mosey to firefighter museum 20 SSH 20 step ups 20 squats Lap around museum and ice rink lot Team of four for fireman push up x4 Rinse and repeat […]

Don’t throw it to stonehands

WARMUP: typical warmup THE THANG: Mosey to Fountain Park for some football. First up were some up downs. Everyone took turns running routes while I threw. Incompletion=more reps First set we did 14 burpees (I did extras because my terrible throw to JAG was the only incompletion) Second set – 36 LBC’s (5 completions, 2 […]

Getting Around Downtown

WARMUP: Signature W.O.A.H. warmup including SSH, windmills, cherry pickers, walkers, MNC and some stretching THE THANG: Eased over to Fountain Park for some Dora including CDD, squats, and OHC. At this point Squad and Zalinsky joined us after working out a Camino. 4-Corner Abs at the old CN2 parking lot including crunchy frogs, Rosalita’s, American […]

A Race to the Top

The disclaimer was given and we warmed up with 10 Windmills IC 10 Low Slow Squats IC 10 Moroccan Nightclubs IC 10 Side Straddle Hops IC THE THANG: We moseyed to the parking lot across the street from the city hall amphitheater for The Ladder. The last time I pulled this out at Planet Pain, […]