New time, same AO

WARMUP: THE THANG: 4.5 ish mile loop down Charlotte, past the Commons, back around to Cherry, over to Main St. to Black St. and back. MARY: ANNOUNCEMENTS: The Patriot is moving tomorrow, so come join the launch of the revamped original Rock Region AO. COT:

Bust A Move

WARMUP: The route was explained and a count was taken. THE THANG: I came up with a 4 mile loop, down Oakland Ave, right on Cherry Rd, right on Myrtle Dr, left on Charlotte Ave and back to the fountain. MARY: She had a little lamb. ANNOUNCEMENTS: P200 next weekend, Time change at The Veteran […]

No Q

WARMUP: THE THANG: We had no cue, we had no shovel flag, but two of us set out walking through downtown Rock Hill. When I left, no one was there, but I saw Punxsy coming in right as I was walking away. I walked and he rocked we ended with circle of trust and a […]

The World Is Flat

WARMUP: Route explained and count off THE THANG: Our little corner of the world was close to being flat this morning. This has to be one of the flattest routes in Rock Hill. It was a simple out and back route, right on Oakland Avenue, left on Ebenezer Avenue and turn around at the 22 […]

How Many AOs Can We Run By?

WARMUP: THE THANG: 2 walkers and 8 runners launched. Wanted to see how far we could get in search of AOs. Left COT to Old Town. Crossed DL heading towards Eagles Nest. Hung right at light past Knowledge Perk, left after RR tracks right at fork onto Park, past Eagles Nest, right to Oakland, left […]