Miracle Mile 4-5 mile loop

WARMUP: THE THANG: Ran or Walked to Miracle mile and back. For the more experienced runner they circled Winthrop Coliseum and back. MARY: No show today ANNOUNCEMENTS: Hog and Coyote, Bethel next week. COT:Jester closed us out in prayer. Prayers for all brothers going through things right now.

JAG Loop

WARMUP: None THE THANG: When I arrived I thought I would be alone but Punxy pulled up at 0500 and he walked; then PCH found me on lap one of the 1 mile loop; then Rasta found us and made us pick up our pace; then we sighted Atticus rucking hard. My loop is simply […]


With Honeypot, there’s no telling what we’ll be doing!  He’ll have us running straight in circles.  SYITG at 0500.  We may actually make it into the 50’s tomorrow. 😎 If you can’t post at The Veteran, check out the action at The Commons or Petra. After the workout check out B&B at the Rock Hill […]

Veteran 4/21

WARMUP: light stretching by the fountain THE THANG: Fountain lit up and started pumping at 5. it was just me and Punxy at the time so I grabbed my ruck and we set off on the route I had planned. we made it back to the fountain and noticed a couple extra cars as Rasta […]

What Rain!

WARMUP: Shared the route. THE THANG: Down main across Dave Lyle, right on walk in front of old Herald, left on White, right on Cherry, right on Charlotte to fountain to finish out with laps. I hung back with Anchor Bar to do some of his rehab exercise but it was so “Richard Simmons” that […]