Sub Q

WARMUP: THE THANG: ran to mt. Gallant turned L, went straight to Celanese and turned L, u turn at old Burger King MARY: ANNOUNCEMENTS: COT: https://youtube.com/shorts/AdFztxs7RwQ?si=PBrOCA8WqUmGr5co

New route new hills

WARMUP: warmed up the jaws with some mumble chatter, disclaimed the route. THE THANG: route down around the track and tennis center on Cherry, up Caswell, right on Eden Terrace to University. Up around the round about and back down taking a right onto Colony. That road will kick you out back on University after […]

AO Spotlight at Wally Falcon

WARMUP: brief site history – see the Q Schedule tab for full details. THE THANG: run/walk/ruck – highly versatile route from SMS to KFC to former Pizza Hut location down to Richmond Dr, Myrtle Dr, or College Ave depending on desired miles/pace. MARY: stood up AGAIN FGS ANNOUNCEMENTS: 4x4x48, 9/11 convergence, nantan handoff, Arby’s serving […]

Rabbit roundabout

We ran down Cherry to university dr – to the end and around the roundabout and back up. Then down toward Winthrop – Charlotte to Cherry and back to AO ANNOUNCEMENTS: CSAUP on Sunday at 5:30 COT: prayers made for brothers and ourselves!

Left turn only

WARMUP: On own THE THANG: 5 mile route left our of parking lot, left on Mt Gallant,left on Cherry, Left on Oakland, left on Eden Terrace, and back to AO. Plenty of easy variations to add or subtract distance. Better temps this morning. Good conversations with guys I have connected with in a while. That […]