Birthday Q

For my birthday I took the Q. PCH and Catfish were kind enough to show up. I had planned a HIIT circuit with coupons. 47 sec of each minute we worked. Also started off with 47 SSH in cadence. Catfish loved that one.

Four corners of morning bliss

WARMUP: the usual suspects THE THANG: mosey around the BMX track with some exercises at each corner. Return to a smaller four corners and alternate grueling work. Great little morning convo between gasps of air. ANNOUNCEMENTS: Memorial Day Murph, Hog and Coyote COT: praise for Kids and accomplishments, prayers for kids and accomplishments, prayers for […]


WARMUP: AC waterfall to sub station at bottom of parking lot 15 IC at each end of parking lot -SSH, cherry pickers, Windmills, imperial walkers THE THANG: 4 corners at substation with coupon (10,20,30,40) -curls -squats -lbc -man makers AC shuffle to other sub station 2 pole lights forward 1 back One Burpee at each […]

takes two to tango

WARMUP: Low slow squats Tempo merkins Windmills Cherry pickers SSH THE THANG: Mosey to far parking lot Four corners 1st corner 10 merkins 2nd corner 10 merkins 20 American hammers 3rd corner 10 merkins 20 American hammers 30 squats 4th corner 10 merkins 20 American hammers 30 squats 40 mountain climbers Mosey to playground grab […]

Bear crawls and up downs

WARMUP: SSH, Moroccan night clubs, imperial walkers, hillbilly walkers, tempo merkins, low slow squats THE THANG: Mosey to high parking lot start a 30 second timer each pax does amrap up downs. This is now your “magic number” (spoiler alert we just all agreed 15 was magic enough) Mosey a little and then magic number […]

We Saw A Coyote

WARMUP: None THE THANG: From the BMX track ran to River Road and did 4 AMRAP exercises 45sec each with a 12sec break in between Mnt Climbers Bomb Jacks Shoulder Taps Squat Thrusts Ran back to the gate at the BMX track and did 4 AMRAP exercises 45sec each with a 12sec break in between […]

Q vs Q 2023 Finals

WARMUP: SSH and Moroccan Night Clubs Order: Sally Zalinsky Olaf Poppins Sally’s Q: Top- 10 shoulder press w/ coupons Downhill- 10 steps then 10 mountain climbers double count. Bottom- 10 XFactors single count Uphill- 10 steps then 10 Merkins on hill Repeat 10 times or until inevitable time out Zalinsky’s Q: Partner Dora AMRAP excercises […]