3 ruckers

WARMUP: Indian ruck to the traffic circle. lead man carries sandbag, last man does 10 squats and catches up. THE THANG: back from the circle we handed off the bag every couple street lights. Passed by the BMX entrance and climbed the grassy hill to the upper parking lot. came down past the playground to […]

Gobbler Challenge

WARMUP: Stretched THE THANG: 1 Round of the Gobbler Challenge 10 Hand Release Merkins 20 Squats 30 Ruck Rows 40 Ruck Overhead Press 50 Ruck Swings 60 Flutters with Ruck Overhead 70 Low Rows 80 Lunges 90 Crunches ~ 2.2 ruck miles putting up signage for the Lean Mean String Bean Casserole Run MARY: ANNOUNCEMENTS: […]

Speed Ruck Workout w/PT

WARMUP: Side Straddle Hops, Shoulder and Hamstring stretches THE THANG: 10 min speed ruck (fast as you can go without running) 20 squats w/ ruck 20 Ruck Merkins 20 FLying Squirels w/ ruck 20 Flutter Kicks with ruck overhead 8 min speed ruck (fast as you can go without running) 15 squats w/ ruck 15 […]

Rucktober sandbag exchange at the JOC

WARMUP: mosey around the parking lot loop THE THANG: we took a few minutes to learn how to transition a sandbag between men since it was frustrating to see so many guys struggle during GTE32. We then took some cones and threw them out and bearcrawled to pick one cone each and bring it back […]

RuckTober 11’s

WARMUP: quick stretch and warm up THE THANG: 11’s Round 1: Squats and Shoulder Press w/Ruck Little Mosey around parking lot Round 2: Ruck Swings and Curls Mosey around parking lot MARY: ANNOUNCEMENTS: Thanksgiving Convergence Donut Dash COT: Prayers for families in the COT.

Ruck Get Ups are Horrible

WARMUP: a quick lap around the lot waiting on @Roxanne THE THANG: Punchlist (from The Fort) managed to get himself double booked today, so YHC took his wienkie and Q’ed up most of it (it was a big wienkie) Here’s what we did… Iteration 1 – Find a grassy area “Mosher” – 4 Rounds 14 […]