We Are Slowpitch

WARMUP: Windmills, Imperial Walkers, OH Claps, Cherry Pickers, Hillbilly Walkers, Moroccans, Soccer Toe Taps (w/ block) THE THANG: 4-Corners with Cindy Carry transition (Corner 1 – Corner 2 & 1 – Corner 3, 2, & 1 – Corner 4, 3, 2, &1) (1) 5x Man Makers, Curls, Big Boys w/ Block Thrusts (2) Block Merkins, […]

The McGraw: Bar Complex

WARMUP: IC: CP, WM, IW, Tempo Merk, SSH THE THANG: Stupid social media back in the fall caught me scrolling finding a video of Tim McGraw and one of his CrossFit workouts he does on the road. We aren’t CrossFit as we are real men but it’s kinda sorta similar. While watching I thought hmmm […]

Some Wet Fun with Cindy

WARMUP: Moroccan Night Clubs in cadence Windmills in cadence Cherry pickers in cadence Side Straddle Hops in cadence Tempo Merkins in cadence THE THANG: Moseyed from COT to far side of the church for partner catch me if you can with cinder blocks. Partner 1 begins moseying while carrying cindys (one in each hand) while […]

Big Cindy

Two of us were crushed by Big Cindy. After some warmup exercises and stretches Slow Pitch and I each grabbed a cinder block for a 4-Corners workout around the church building. Round 1 – 5 Manmakers at each corner Round 2 – 10 Curls Round 3 – 15 Erkins/Derkins             […]

November Omaha Games

WARMUP: get the gear and set up THE THANG: set the 2 minute timer, count off, get to your station of pain and get after it. 2 minutes of AMRAP of the below exercises, rotating after 2 minutes working through all 9 stations SSH Burpee Bear Crawl Tire Flip Hammer swing Block press Block shrug […]

4 Corners of Cindy

WARMUP: SSH MNCS Some stretching Lap around the church THE THANG: Cindy 4 Corners (20 push ups half way between each corner) 1) Curls x 50 Rifle Carry to next Corner 2) Squats x 75 Rifle Carry to next corner 3) Triceps x 50 Rifle Carry to next corner 4) Stationary Lunges x 75 single […]

BOMBS at Omaha Beach

WARMUP: Disclaimer 10 SSH IC 10 arm circles forward IC 10 arm circle reverse IC THE THANG: Mosey to the shed and grab a Cindy and on to the parking lot to the right for the below circuits #1 – BOMBS. Partner up, P1 does exercise and P2 rifle carry’s Cindy to second island and […]

Omaha Beach Games 10.22

WARMUP: Disclaimer – get the gear and get to it. Arby’s showed up fashionably and joined the fun. He didn’t keep his score but he was there and killed it. THE THANG: Omaha Beach Games 2 minutes AMRAP of the below LBC’s Burpees SSH Tire Flips Hammer Swings Cindy Press Cindy Shrugs Cindy swings Bear […]