Big Cindy

Two of us were crushed by Big Cindy. After some warmup exercises and stretches Slow Pitch and I each grabbed a cinder block for a 4-Corners workout around the church building. Round 1 – 5 Manmakers at each corner Round 2 – 10 Curls Round 3 – 15 Erkins/Derkins             […]

November Omaha Games

WARMUP: get the gear and set up THE THANG: set the 2 minute timer, count off, get to your station of pain and get after it. 2 minutes of AMRAP of the below exercises, rotating after 2 minutes working through all 9 stations SSH Burpee Bear Crawl Tire Flip Hammer swing Block press Block shrug […]

4 Corners of Cindy

WARMUP: SSH MNCS Some stretching Lap around the church THE THANG: Cindy 4 Corners (20 push ups half way between each corner) 1) Curls x 50 Rifle Carry to next Corner 2) Squats x 75 Rifle Carry to next corner 3) Triceps x 50 Rifle Carry to next corner 4) Stationary Lunges x 75 single […]

BOMBS at Omaha Beach

WARMUP: Disclaimer 10 SSH IC 10 arm circles forward IC 10 arm circle reverse IC THE THANG: Mosey to the shed and grab a Cindy and on to the parking lot to the right for the below circuits #1 – BOMBS. Partner up, P1 does exercise and P2 rifle carry’s Cindy to second island and […]

Omaha Beach Games 10.22

WARMUP: Disclaimer – get the gear and get to it. Arby’s showed up fashionably and joined the fun. He didn’t keep his score but he was there and killed it. THE THANG: Omaha Beach Games 2 minutes AMRAP of the below LBC’s Burpees SSH Tire Flips Hammer Swings Cindy Press Cindy Shrugs Cindy swings Bear […]

Cindy will never let you down

WARMUP: SSH, Stretch because I’m sore from Hell Week THE THANG: Grab Cindy 25 of each before a big lap around the church. Rinse and Repeat LBC’s, Bench Press, Bentover rows, curls, squats, flutters (with good form for Walker), alternating merkins (one hand on cindy, then the other) MARY: We had Cindy and didn’t need […]

Omaha Beach Games 9/14

WARMUP: stretches THE THANG: The games! 2 minutes of LBCs, Burpees, SSH, Hammer Swings, Tire Flips, Cinder Block Presses, Cinder Block Shrugs, Cinder Block Swings, and a Bear Crawl to finish it all up The winner of each event receives 3 points, second place receives 2, and third receives 1 point. The highest point total […]

Incremental Steps to Success

Four men got stronger today at Omaha Beach. Sweat was poured, stories were shared, and we all got better. Here’s what we did: Warm-up: 10 Low Slow Squats (IC) 10 Windmills (IC) 10 Mountain Climbers (IC) Mosey to the shed to grab a cindy Mosey to the northeast corner of the church 10 Squats Lap […]