Mix of Madness

Counted up, set the route, and chaos ensued. Run, ruck, walk, ruck boot, and boot all occurred on this glorious day. ANNOUNCEMENTS: Covered the list in the newsletter. COT: Prayers for healing for Moneybags and Canseco’s M’s as well as Pawpaw’s 2.0.


WARMUP: The disclaimer was given, the route was described and a count was taken THE THANG: Keeping it simple with an out/back route. Right on Main, left on Cherry and about face at the 30 minute mark. MARY: ANNOUNCEMENTS: Camino will have new start time of 6:00 AM beginning in November Smiley Face is leading […]

The Elusive Double Summit

WARMUP: spread’em and dip it low THE THANG: see attached double parking deck assault route posted on pure blast and posted on FB MARY: ANNOUNCEMENTS: In the upre blast I defined feat. At thef COT I took a picture of the feet in the circle and drew the obvious observation that those feet present had […]

Fountain Frolic Anyone?

WARMUP: Count and Review the Route THE THANG: Main to Fountain Park for a frolic. Hit the slopes in of the Hot Box then back down Main taking small trail past rail tracks to White. Catch Cherry at end of White the back on Main to AO ANNOUNCEMENTS: 911, Hell Week, HDHH COT: A word […]