WARMUP: Simple out and back route explained. Right on Main, left on Cherry, out for 30 minutes, then back. THE THANG: We did our thing MARY: She slept in. ANNOUNCEMENTS: 4th of July convergence at Eagles Nest, Bethel meal on July 11th. Read your newsletter for details and much more. COT: Nameorama, announcements, Joys & […]

We drew a Ladle

WARMUP: THE THANG: We ran a route to make a Ladle. We went around Winthrop and some guys looped it twice. Talked about a ladle being able to fish a specific thing out of our Christian bucket to use when we need it. Gave the following quote by Kevin W. Pearson The covenant path is […]

Trip to town

WARMUP: Disclaimer THE THANG: Right on Main, left on Constitution (at seafood market), right on White, loop around the fountain and back to White, left on Constitution, right on main (at seafood market) back to AO. MARY: None ANNOUNCEMENTS: Announced COT: Prayers and praises Slow Pitch out

Route Choices

WARMUP: Route options explained. See photos in this thread for route options. THE THANG: Run/Walk/Ruck MARY: Had a little lamb ANNOUNCEMENTS: Smiley Face and Anchor Bar in charge of Bethel meal in June, jump in and help out. Memorial Day Murph at Old Town Hog & Coyote Father’s Day weekend. Check out the email newsletter […]

This Sucks

WARMUP: Count and Route THE THANG: Left out of lot, left on 901, left on Cherry, right on Finley, left on Black,left on Main, right on Constitution, right on Stewart, left on Oakland, left on Cherry, right on Main then finish inside the lot. 9 ran and 1 did a weighted vest, kettle bell, jog […]

Bent Shovel Flag

WARMUP: THE THANG: Some ran, some walked, all got better! Thank you men for joining me. MARY: ANNOUNCEMENTS: SiteQ meeting Friday at Veteran. Hog n Coyot, shovel flag Handoff at Wally Falcon, my birthday Q at ManU. Read your newsletter. COT:

Slow Justice/No Respect

WARMUP: slight stretching on own THE THANG: Challenging route: Left on main straight out to Rawlinson Road Middle and a little neighborhood extra if wanted and back. Mailboxes, freshcut grass, dead skunk, were a few of the obstacles along with the hills. We had fun with name a rama as we were all in the […]

Slow Justice

WARMUP: OYO THE THANG: Route: West main to cherry, left, cherry to constitution, left to Herlong, left back to west main, left back to AO. About 4.75 miles. Walkers, ruckers, runners MARY: She tripped me at mile 4.5 and I bit the concrete and asphault. Pride and body are hurting. ANNOUNCEMENTS: Successful BMS last night […]