Kettle Bell Pick Your Poison

WARMUP: SSH-10 MNClubs- 15 Windmills- 10 Squats-10 KB walking lunges THE THANG: Workout 1 hand KB Swing( 10ct each side)Go down 1 rep after each round and go to next line. Rinse repeat KB high Pulls ( 10ct each side) Go down 1 rep after each round and go to next line. Mosey around the […]

Professional unprofessional lacrosse tryouts

WARMUP: Imperial Walkers, Hillybillys, cherry pickers, Moroccan night clubs. Over head carry to workout. THE THANG: 25 REPS OF: goblet squats, curls, tricep extensions, overhead press x6 SETS for a total of 150 reps for each movement. Between each set we nar up the hill MARY: idk what this means lol ANNOUNCEMENTS: Bethel COT: idk […]

Are we there yet?!?

WARMUP: SSH INC Windmills Cherry Pickers MNC THE THANG: Mosey to the parking lot by the music store Dora 2,4,6 Curls for the girls Triceps Goblet Squat Run around the islands MARY: American Hammer Freddie Mercury Mercury Freddie Imperial Walker Hillbilly Walker (all with weight) ANNOUNCEMENTS: Hog and Coyote COT: Prayers and Praises

New blood bells of June number one

WARMUP: IWs; HBWs; walk out merkins; windmills THE THANG: alternate arms single arm overhead rifle carry with bell (30 m) one side 15 goblet squats one side 40 calf raises (x3) Lunge walk with bells(20m) one side 20 curls one side 20 tricep ext (x3) Intermission: BLACKJACK seated shoulder press and American hammers (2-1)  (this […]

Bells of Pain! 😘

WARMUP: arm circles & morrocan night clubs THE THANG: In our circle we stayed. 1 Pax performed the timing exercise (in parenthesis below) while the others did exercises. We alternated as each PAX did the timing exercise, we would swap things up after all PAX made their way around the circle. I also brought along […]

7 years and counting

WARMUP: Windmills, Empirial Walkers, Little Baby Arm Circles, Cherry Pickers, Hillbilly Walkers, mosey around Academy Sports THE THANG: Swings, Curls, Tricep EXT, John Deers, Ribbons LBCs, Skull Crushers, American Hammers, Flutter / chest press, Big Boy / Press 7’s at the Hill in front of Sam’s Club: Manmakers / Merkins Cleans, Halos, Upright Rows, Shoulder […]

Parking Lot Pyramids

Always fun Q’ing Iron Academy. Rolled in right about start time, strapped on my ruck sack, disclaimer given and we kicked it off. WARMUP: Each 10 IC – SSH, Low Slow Squats, Plank Jacks. Some of us had Ruck Sacks on – that was a bad idea. THE THANG: Series of Pyramids around the parking […]

Walking our bells

WARMUP: none THE THANG: Rucked the area. Each time we turned tight we did 10 single arm each arm triceps extensions and on left turns we did 10 single arm curls. Ended with 1.75 miles, 180 tricep extensions and 320 curls. Good work guys. MARY: Didn’t see her. ANNOUNCEMENTS: Bethel tonight COT: Praise Harrison’s baptism […]

Train Heavy

11 men did the hard thing at IA this morning. Conditions were cool and comfortable (low 50s with a breeze). Here’s what we did: 10 Low Slow Squats (IC) 10 SSHs 10 Hillbilly Walkers Bell Work 10 Curls (IC) 10 Squats (IC) 10 Man-makers Lap (one man always carried the 50lb ruck and 60lb bag […]