WARMUP: SSH, Cheery Pickers, Lt. Dans, High Knees, Butt-Kicks, and Toy Soldiers. THE THANG: (1st half) suicides/ 10 SHD Taps/ Mt. Climbers/ Rinse and repeat set of 15 and set of 20. Crab walk and bear crawl/To finish. Shoulder tap / Bomb Jack / Ab Lab     ⁃    Flutters     ⁃    Crab cakes     ⁃    Freddie’s     ⁃    Hello Dollies     ⁃    Heel Taps 5x […]

Morning Bliss

WARMUP: SSH, MNC, Cherry Pickers, Stretching THE THANG: 16s, Irkins, Bicep Dips, Derkins MARY: Flutter Kicks, Freddie Mercury, Heels 6 inches off ground ANNOUNCEMENTS: Rooster, Dam to Dam Race COT: Prayers lifted

Miracle Mile Jump Start

Start the New Year out right by getting out and posting at Miracle Mile. Remember, new years can bring new beginnings and it starts Monday at Miracle Mile. I have a special course planned for you called Crazy 8’s… Come see for yourself. See you there Monday morning. Hillian