Family in The Gloom

I probably have made the drive to OldTown close to 150 times over the past 3 years. Today was different. Different in the sense that I was heading to OldTown thinking about the countless conversations, laughs, moments, and memories made at this AO in the gloom and trying to remember who I was 3 years […]

This morning the COT was a DOT

This morning was nasty and “really gross” weather as my M calls cold rain mixed with sleet.  As I pull into the EarthFare parking lot, Jester rounds the corner from his pre-run.  We stand under the EarthFare canopy and decide to call it when no one else shows up.  Jester and I have been wanting […]

Be Your Brother’s Keeper

It was an honor to lead 4 other HIM this cool breezy morning at Padre’s House of Pain, better known in the Region as PHOP. This is an AO that I don’t visit often, but always enjoy visiting. After 3 PAX PreRan, YHC had all brothers circle up for the F3 Disclaimer and Warmup. WARMUP […]

Making Resolutions Stick

17 men tackled day two of the new year at Planet Pain. Here’s what we did. Warm up 10 SSHs (IC) 10 Imperial Walkers (IC) 10 SSHs (IC) 10 Low Slow Squats (IC) The Thang Mosey to the track 2 minutes of stretching Round 1 10 Burpees 20 Merkins 30 LBCs 40 Squats 50 Calf […]

Hindsight of 2020

On the final day of 2020 4 men gathered in the gloom and put in work. It was my pleasure to lead today, but I also felt like this was an opportunity to reflect back on the year that was. And what a year it was… However, despite all of the negativity we were able […]