Back to the Academy

It was a beautiful morning at the best lit parking lot in the Rock Region and YHC was happy to return back to one of my favorite AOs: Iron Academy. The disclaimer was given and the warmup began. Warmup SSH Windmills Merkins SSH Mosey to my favorite spot here and that’s the wall behind Academy […]

Site Q change at Eagles Nest

At the start of the workout we had White Hat hand off the shovel flag to Tombstone. I appreciate the work that these men have put in. Eagles nest is a premier site in the Rock Region. White Hat kept it that way while serving as an inspiration to many of our men. I have […]

Don’t Be Distracted

4 HIMS gather today in the Gloom at Wally World / Falcon Zero on cold morning to get in a few miles.  All decided to run on the sidewalks and not on the track so that’s what we did.  No FNG’s were present and 3 members of the Nearly Respectables and Penny were off to […]

Leave no man behind

12 men joined YHC for a 4-5 mile mosey around Winthrop and back. The Thang: At 0515, disclaimer was disclaimed. Added the following phrase, “Don’t expect these drivers at 0515 to see you. Assume they don’t see you and adjust accordingly.” We ran down Oakland to Winthrop. After getting the 6 and waiting for a […]

10K to Start the Day

What was the old tagline from the A-Team back in the 80’s, “I love it when a plan comes together!” I say this because YHC had some concerns with the “DON’T Q IT IF YOU CAN’T DO IT” late yesterday into early today as my leg was still bothering me from a Sunday afternoon solo […]

A Quick Tour of Winthrop

13 men posted up at Eagles Nest this morning, 4 runners, 9 bootcampers for a little tour of Winthrop. The Thang: Quick Warmup at OAPC: SSH x 20 Merkin x 15 Windmill x 10 Short Mosey to flagpole at Winthrop Herbie led pledge of allegiance. Over to stone benches in front of Winthrop 10 step […]

Laughter is good for the soul

7 men joined YHC at the best lit AO in the region (ok, maybe not) Monday night. Having fartsacked Monday morning, Night at the Museum was a welcome addition to my day. Tclaps to Big Mac and Newton for pushing the rock throughout the workout, and tclaps to our FNG, Kingpin for taking the hardest […]

Tavern “Wet”stone Co-Q

We had 9 great HIM’s show up in the not so great elements this morning to experience the gloom together. The thought/inspiration for this co-Q came from a co-Q that Bubble Wrap and Herbie did at Tavern a couple weeks ago. I really enjoyed the co-Q thing as my short-lived experience in F3 with this […]