8 Minute Abs

15 gathered today at Planet Pain on a beautiful chilly morning to put in some work and enjoy time together in the Gloom.  Several men were out doing pre run / pre ruck stuff for some extra early credit before the main event and Mongo joined us late for some 8 minute abs.  At the […]

Rooster IV

The Rooster IV returns to the Rock Region   The Rooster is back! When? – March 13th at 0600 Where? – 471 Lakeshore Parkway Rock Hill (Tech Park) Divisions: Ultra (2 man run) Standard (5 man run) Ruck option (1-5 man ruck) Fee: $10/participant – Venmo to Blueprint @Pikapp_293 or Pay in cash the day […]

Lessons Learned

A balmy 37 degrees saw men gather together this morning. Some did boot. Some walked. Some rucked. All got better. Here is what we did in the boot: COP: All IC Moroccan night clubs, Low Slow Squats, Side Straddle Hop Mosey the parking lot Stretches   Thang: Tabata: 45 on 15 off- 10 rounds Squats […]

Foggy Lake at BTC

  I rolled into the parking lot at the Bethel Mens Shelter right when Reborn was coming in from a pre-run, Darth was soaking up last minute heat in the car, and when we circled up Bubblewrap wheeled in and joined us at 4:59.59. This was my first post at Be The Change and I […]

Family in The Gloom

I probably have made the drive to OldTown close to 150 times over the past 3 years. Today was different. Different in the sense that I was heading to OldTown thinking about the countless conversations, laughs, moments, and memories made at this AO in the gloom and trying to remember who I was 3 years […]

This morning the COT was a DOT

This morning was nasty and “really gross” weather as my M calls cold rain mixed with sleet.  As I pull into the EarthFare parking lot, Jester rounds the corner from his pre-run.  We stand under the EarthFare canopy and decide to call it when no one else shows up.  Jester and I have been wanting […]

Be Your Brother’s Keeper

It was an honor to lead 4 other HIM this cool breezy morning at Padre’s House of Pain, better known in the Region as PHOP. This is an AO that I don’t visit often, but always enjoy visiting. After 3 PAX PreRan, YHC had all brothers circle up for the F3 Disclaimer and Warmup. WARMUP […]