1 at The Commons

COP: All IC-33- Side Straddle Hop, Moroccan Night Clubs, Imperial Walkers 33 merkans oyo 10 burpees oyo Mosey to the Coliseum 10 burpees oyo 11 merkans, bear crawl the ditch, 11 merkans, bear crawl back, 11 merkans (33 merkans total!) Mosey to the park 10 burpees oyo Introduce the plank 20 leg throws 20 plank […]

Sloppy Sandler Suckfest

Last week at ManU, PacMan challenged me to create an entire workout with an Adam Sandler theme. I graciously accepted. Fast forward six days: sitting at the kitchen table listening to songs from yesteryear and watching YouTube videos of classic Sandler movies, I was ready! That was until this morning when I woke up to […]

The Crisis by Thomas Payne

It is always a pleasure to be on Q at PHOP. It feels like returning home. It was my first site and my time as site Q only deepened my affection for this unique location and set up. A quick COP: SSH, Moroccan Night clubs, Imperial Walkers, Merkans- all IC x 10 Thang: Stations- Timer- […]

Gold discovered at Iron Academy

The Rain was absent at Iron Academy but 8 HIM’s were not. The usual disclaimers were made and then: Warm Up: R over L-Then Reverse…..Right Arm over Left-Then Reverse…15 Ct Cherry Pickers… 10 Count WindMill…15 Ct Imperial Walkers…25 Ct SSH…15 Ct Moroccan Nightclubs…15 Ct HillBilly Walkers…10 Ct Merkins…15 Ct Seal Jacks…10 CT Squats with Kettle […]

First Aid/CPR/AED Certification Training

PAX of the Rock Region. Over the past few years and especially over the past half year F3 Nation has had multiple incidents (some of which have lead to death) occur during workouts. This has been weighing heavily on YHC as I care for all of the brothers in F3 Nation and for their families. […]

50-Minutes of Fun

As always it was an honor to lead the 4 HIMs of F3 Rock Region this wet gloom who decided to be disrupters and start the weekend off in the right direction. Thank you Smokey for allow YHC to lead as well. WARMUP We began the WO with the following exercises in cadence: Side Straddle […]

Thanksgiving Convergence 2018

The 2018 Thanksgiving Convergence will be held from 0600 to 0700 at Sullivan Middle School. https://goo.gl/maps/Xr4cUEvXggM2 Pre-ruck and pre-run options available starting at 0515. We’ll warm up together before splitting into three groups led by Gold Plate, Pescador, and White Hat.  There will be a run group, which will go through Cherry Park, a boot group, […]

Gratitude at the JOC

Boom…ain’t nothing for Fellini and Magic Mike to set you up for a Q at the JOC…Best sunrise in the city baby! Little did I know I would be nursing the recovery of a tweaked calf and hip muscle but a week and two days of Humpty Dumpty had me back in the saddle again. […]