Showing up with a bang

  The Tavern is one of my favorite AOs so I was excited when the opportunity to Q came up. Between wanting to get more miles and an injury it has been quite a while since I posted at the tavern, so today I broke out some of the greatest hits. Tha Thang: SSH- IC […]

Junk Punch Ruck 4/21/18 0600hrs

Come join the Junk Punch Ruckers: When: Sat. 04/21/18 Time: 0600 until 0800 Where: Events Manchester Click link  We will be launching from The Events building in the Manchester Cinema area at 0600. (See Link Above or Click ) We will be primarily using trail networks with minimum road Rucking.  Plans are 3 Pain stations along the […]

Seasoned with Salt

16 HIM’s of the Rock Region assembled at Man U on a breezy morning to sharpen iron and enjoy some fellowship.  After a few colder days this week it was a nice treat to be in short sleeves and not bundle up.  YHC was really looking forward to this day as it was the first […]

The Apache Challenge follow-up

Gentlemen, First and foremost it is a honor and pledge to be associated with the men I can honestly call my Brothers. Over the years men fight battles of different things Mental, Physical, and Spiritual battles. And they have to fight them alone, not knowing that every man has theses battles. We are very fortunate to have the […]

Falcon-0 Speed workout

– started with legs stretching – then warm up with a 1 Mile Run around the track – the tang, – 600m @ 5K pace follow by a 200m recovery jog (repeat this 4 times, some PAX did it 5 times) – 200m @ max speed follow by 200m jog recovery (reapeat 2 times, some […]

A String of Pyramids at Eagles Nest

Last week Anchor Baaaarrrrrrrrr (gotta stretch it out) had us doing burpees at each of the street lights and boy did they make me sore. I could tell that I’d spent way too much time (or maybe not enough time for the P200) running and hadn’t kept up the boot camp side of things like […]

Kotter Camaraderie Convergence

Wow! Spontaneous convergence! Tclaps to Apache for this Kotter extravaganza week culminating in a 52 strong, including 1 FNG, convergence event. Tclaps to those who provided background support to Apache and this fast-moving adventure we call Kotter EHing. I would be remiss if I did not share my EH conversations, in particular, those I had […]

Spring Convergence at St. John’s

Gentlemen, we will be having our next Rock Region Convergence on Sat., May 12 in order to launch Whetstone. We will be Converging at St. John’s UMC in Old Town of Rock Hill, located at 321 Oakland Ave, Rock Hill, SC. Planet Pain, Patriot, & Camino del Rio will be closed that Saturday. Lancaster, Great Falls, […]

20 w/ the Q (16 KB Swingers and 4 Runners)

YHC’s morning started off great! I pulled into the parking lot a little “hot” because I’m in the rental and all my stuff is at the garage where my “Ole’ Bessie” is getting a makeover. Evidently someone lit the Bat Signal because Iron Academy was a popular spot today for super heroes of every sort. […]