The Unnamed Leader

The route for this morning was to follow Herlong west to the hospital. After making a loop around the hospital, we went south on Ebenezer to Oakland. We then took a left on Cherry and another left by Earth Fare. Continuing on to Westminster Presbyterian, we headed back to India Hook and up the hill […]

9/11 Mini Convergence 5-6am

Here Ye Here Ye! 9/11 Mini Convergence Coming Soon – 9/11/18  5am – 6am Location = Hotbox 116 South Elizabeth Ln. Rock Hill, SC 4 Stations @ 15 Minutes Each Station 1: Kettle Bells (Courtesy Of Iron Academy’s Q) Station 2: Boot (Courtesy Of Eagle’s Nest’s Q) Station 3: Run (Courtesy Of Wall Street’s Q) […]


This backblast is long over due.  However not forgotten.  Ever since 8/4/2018 at 7 am I have been mulling over and thinking about this particular morning.  The perfect example of what F3 is all about took place on this foggy humid day at The Patriot. We moseyed down to the track for a Warm Up: […]

Running in Circles with Purpose

The honor to lead 6 of Rock Hill’s fastest HIMs at Falcon 0 on this date was all mine. We had some great fellowship and even greater running. This morning YHC had planned to bring back what Sir Topham Hat did here back in March when YHC was vacationing in the mountains. I did on […]

Dancing Idiot’s AO

  Please Enjoy Video First DANCING IDIOT: The HIM who initiates a Movement by Influencing a First Follower.     Fellow HIGH IMPACT MEN of The Rock Region are you ready for the next big Thing? This Friday The Veteran AO will be relocating to First Baptist Church off Dave Lyle Blvd. Why you ask? The […]

Trashy Days in The Rock Region

Please join YHC and other men and their families for a little beautification of our F3 Rock Region sponsored road. We will meet at 10:00 am Saturday and beautify just one small part of our Great County and City. So lets band together and make our Road Beautiful again This will be an all family event. This […]