Coming off of Ragnar I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do on this particular morning but when I caught the word that my Uncle Jackhammer (Gerald Ghent-Respect) was VQing at Independence the plan was already made. We had 12 fine HIMS gather at Old Town so we began with some simple stretches like LOR and ROL.  […]

Miles & Guardrails, no rain

4 HIMS of the Rock Region gathered today at BTC on what looked like it might be a rainy morning for a run.  However, as we approached the appointed hour, the rain began to stop and we gathered under the tree near the shovel flag and the 4 of us set about to warm-up with […]

Maximus Travels to The Rock

Our brother, Maximus, came down from The Fort to lead our ruck AO at Petra this morning. #TClaps to him for sharing his love for rucking & for a well done Q! Below is his backblast.   Disclaimer mentioning the standard stuff. Warm up mosey followed by some high-knees.   Circle up for a warm-up […]

Independence 10/01/2018 VQ

Smiley Face asked me to VQ at Independence and with the encouragement of PonyTail and Smiley I answered the call. Warm up: Side Straddle Hop, Italian Night Clubs, Right over Left, Left over Right, Cherry Pickers   Short Mosey to the overhang: Wall Squats, Dips, Wall Squats, Irkins   Mosey to Flag Pole: Al Gore […]

Why do bad things happen?

11 HIM’s of the Rock Region gathered today at Wall Street as marathon and half marathon training continues for many in the Region.  The weather was nice & breezy and a little less humid than the last several weeks so the plan was simple & set.  As the PAX began to gather and the appointed […]

Kettle Bells, 7s on the Hill, & Suicides

It’s finally starting to feel a little like fall, but that didn’t stop us from sweating a little this morning! We kicked off as the clock ticked over to 05:15 with our kettle bells over head for a quick mosey over to the Sam’s parking lot where we circled up for some windmills. Then, with […]

Commons Q Cindy and relays

Warm up: 15 SSH Mosey to parking lot.  Talked a little about making your mark with the ones we love the most and spend the most time with. 20 Burpees OYO. Jog to Richmond Drive A stolen workout from a popular cross fit workout.  10 minutes  of AMRAP 5 pull-ups, 10 pushups 15 squats.  After […]