For us…but for Him.

The opportunity to Q a workout always benefits the Q but it’s not for the Q only. It is for the PAX, the Region, the Nation.  This sounds familiar doesn’t it? It’s the chance to share a word and influence the beginning of the day for the good of all!  It is quite frankly an […]

July 4th Convergence at PHOP

On July 4th, 1776 a group of men, who would become known as the founding fathers, awoke early and worked to finalize a document that they had started a few days earlier- The Declaration of Independence. In celebration of the 242nd anniversary of the completion of the Declaration of Independence the men of the Rock […]

sometimes plans change

9 Him’s of the Rock Region were greeted on this morning by an FNG who brought himself to BTC.  He told us that he had been meaning to check out F3 for a while and decided today was the day.  YHC provided a disclaimer before the warm-up that we were a peer led group and […]


23 men from The Fort and The Rock Regions left the comfort of the fartsack to converge on ManU for workout no. 2 of the Nantan Summer Tour. Disclaimer was disclaimed and we were off. Here’s what we did. Mosey to the fountain 25 SSHs (IC) 20 MNCs (IC) 15 Little Baby Arm Circles (IC) […]

Don’t say a thing

First time on Q at The Commons.  There is something freeing about Friday morning workouts and I especially had a long week as it was.  I was looking forward to burning off some steam with my brothers in the Gloom!  So, I had a plan and we got to it.     Warm Up: Honeymooners […]

Brotherhood and Pain at Planet Pain

It was a wonderful morning for a beatdown and 13 HIMs joined me for some Saturday morning work.  The mumble chatter was great (curtailed a bit after getting into the harder work) and the men worked hard on this warm morning.  Here’s what we did: Warmup:  Moseyed to the field by the ATC and performed […]