Don’t be a Lemming

Warm-ups at the AO (SSH, 30 seconds of stretching OYO) Mosied to find Eagles Nest crew on Winthrop campus and found them near the flag. Pac-man lead some stuff Mosied back to Oakland Baptist CDD x5 on each step (went up backwards to help with keeping the angle on the shoulders ) With 7 PAX […]

Anticipation of Future Glory

It was an honor to lead 11 strong HIMs alongside Penny Pincher on this glorious AO of our Region. Thank you Gauge for giving us the opportunity. There were also 3 runners at this AO. Some great times were had by all and the mumblechatter was awesome. If you have not been to this AO […]

Broga & Slowsy Part Deux

A cold morning of 25 degrees for some Broga and Slowsy (Slow Mosey).  YHC, Chuckie,  promised no gear at PHOP on this day due to no gear usage because of recovering from Sciatica.  So YHC rehashed his workout from October at Independence with some good Sciatic nerve/back stretches that we concentrated on for the workout. […]

Gold Exhibit at Night at The Museum.

Warm ups consisted of R/Left & l/Right; Cherry Pickers; Windmills; Imperial Walkers,  50 SSH, Hillbilly Walkers & few more SSH..them mosey to Dutchman school…….Stopped 1/2 way to do more SSH, then finished mosey at outside tables/benches. .4 mile mosey. At tables did 10 dips, 10 Irkins, 10 Derkins, and calf raise circle of 10 ct […]

Tour The Rock

We had six HIM plus myself on this mild 50 degree morning.  I had decided that today we would cover at least 5 miles with a visit to Eagles Nest, The Commons, and Independence.  Here is the route. Eagles Nest: 6 inches 15 Merkins in Cadence The Commons: 25 LBC’s in Cadence 25 Flutters in […]