45 Minutes ‘Til Bacon

This frosty morning brought a Baker’s Dozen out to #Petra. Since this was somewhat impromt-Q, I’ll need Schrute to run quality control. To my best recollection, here’s what we did… Warm-UP 10 Imperial Walkers (IC) 10 Windmills (IC) 20 Moroccan Night Clubs (IC) 20 Italian Night Clubs (IC) – per request 10 Mountain Climbers (IC) […]

The 4 Big Guy’s

On This Monday Morning it was an absolute Honor and Pleasure to lead these men who braved the Extreme Temperatures. They are extreme compared to the fartsack, which for most is a warm, soft, and comfortable place, that on occasion and depending on what your dinner habits are, has the smell of a foul odor when […]

Perfect weather to keep moving

  This was YHC’s first Q in a few weeks and I signed myself up to do it a loooooong time ago.  It’s amazing how quickly these days come upon us…  see, I signed myself up because 01/13/18 would be a significant day for me and my family, so I decided to express the things […]

Comz Update for the Rock Region

A warning–this is lengthy–but if you want the scoop on all things Comz in the Rock Region, I encourage you to read to the bottom. Aye! – Schrute   The definition of Comz in F3 Nation is the following: “COMZ: The Q’s Commitment to Accelerating the quality of communication within his Group.”   With that, […]