Do The Work, Get The Gain!

Eleven men joined your YHC for a warm and humid workout this morning.  I’ve been seeing quite a few beach pictures on Facebook lately so I was inspired to bring out one of my workout routines which I haven’t run in a while – The Starfish.  Here’s what we did: Warm Up:  Slow mosey around […]

Brotherhood and Pain at Planet Pain

It was a wonderful morning for a beatdown and 13 HIMs joined me for some Saturday morning work.  The mumble chatter was great (curtailed a bit after getting into the harder work) and the men worked hard on this warm morning.  Here’s what we did: Warmup:  Moseyed to the field by the ATC and performed […]

A Day of Elevens and Sacrifice Remembrance

Twelve high impact men joined YHC for some boot camp work at  Old Town on Memorial Day.   Thanks for posting brothers!  Here’s what we did. Warm Up:  Slow mosey to the parking deck (Hot Box)where we performed SSHs, MNCs, and Squats. Workout:  We conducted 3 different “Eleven” workouts using the following exercises: Eleven 1:  6 […]