Rock Slinging at ManU

https://photos.app.goo.gl/5oW2EA7pkQQ2Tmys9 Another awesome morning, loving this spring weather! Rolled out the bed at 4:15am ready to get back over to ManU, been a while since I visited and I can’t tell how long since I last Qed here. Rolled in the parking lot with a few minute to spare, a few pax already mumble chattering. […]

Taverns Playground

I was loading up the boat getting ready to hit the lake when Pescador texted me that I had Q tomorrow, which I thought was the next week (got to check the schedule more often LOL) . Want to talk about accountability!  I knew that my plans of getting wild, crazy and possibly staying in the […]

DORA visited Wall Street twice today!!

Another Fine day in the gloom to get with my brothers!  A bit muggy but the weather was nice! Rolled in at 0450 and a few pax already onsite stretching. 0500 rolled in, no FNG’s, brief disclaimer given and we were off Warm Up Cherry Pickers IC Windmills IC Stretching The Thang Mosey to the McAlister’s […]