VQ Getchu

WARMUP: arm circles, shoulder stretches, hammy stretches, hip stretches, side straddle hops, OYO burpees THE THANG: Mosey, 4 corners pyramid – burpees, merkins, big boys, Dan Taylor’s, mosey to Wendy’s and partner up. One partner gets a coupon and starts, 200 each – curls, bench press, and tricep extension. Other partner jogs to the bottom […]

Miracle Mile 4-5 mile loop

WARMUP: THE THANG: Ran or Walked to Miracle mile and back. For the more experienced runner they circled Winthrop Coliseum and back. MARY: No show today ANNOUNCEMENTS: Hog and Coyote, Bethel next week. COT:Jester closed us out in prayer. Prayers for all brothers going through things right now.

An uncommon experience

WARMUP: Stretches followed by Moroccan nightclubs, tempo merkins, and low slow squats. 10 burpees. THE THANG: Mosey to the lawn at Dinkins for some Jailhouse rock- 7s with prison cells and prison squats Mosey to the Y for another round of 7s. Toes to bar and Mount Everest Merkins. Mosey back to the AO doing […]

Sousa 1000 ultra dora

WARMUP: Windmills IC Cherry pickers IC IW IC MNC IC HW IC Sets of 10 THE THANG: Mosey to coupon row behind Cherry Pk Elem 1000 rep Dora.  Pick your poison for work while the partner runs the rd.  Reps must total 1000 Mosey to lower lot of elem school for dealers choice 10 rep […]

Rinse and Repeat

HOA is going back to back. He Q’d the run at Wally Falcon this morning and he is leading the run tomorrow at The Veteran. It will be a great morning for a run/walk/ruck with temperatures in the high 50’s. We launch from Fountain Park at 0500. SYITG

Kettle Bells and Pull ups at Man U

WARMUP: Moroccan Calf Raises Imperial Walkers SSH Low Slow Merkins Supermans Wide Leg Stretch L&R Lunge Stretch L&R THE THANG: Partner Up, One Runs to Playground to do 10 pull ups and runs back. Other proceeds each exercise listed below. Go until time runs out – about 2-3 rounds 2 Arm Swing x 10 One […]

Crowd Pleaser

WARMUP: SSH, Moroccan Night Clubs, Squats, Mountain Climbers THE THANG: I’m dubbing this routine “The Crowd Pleaser”. -One lap around the crit track(1.1 mi). -stop at every directional arrow(18 total) and do 10 burpees with a big boy sit up. (drop down to plank, roll over do the BB then roll back and push up […]

What are Navy SEAL burpees?

WARMUP: IWs, HWs, CPs, Windmills all IC THE THANG: Navy SEAL Burpees IC Squats IV Hand Release Merkins IC Superman’s IC Mosey to church parking lot More Navy SEAL Burpees IC Bear Crawl along parking lines increasing exercise count per line: P(eter Parker) M(ountain Climbers) S(ki abs) 2 laps around parking lot loop Probably more […]