Fellowship Run & Gun

2.5 miles and smiles involving: 7’s (jump squats & 💎 merkins), Starfish (25 dbl ct flutters, 25 box cutters, 25 big boys, 25 tricyles & 25 LBC’s with 20 merkins in the center) with some stretching to start and finish the workout.


WARMUP: arm circles, Imperial & Hillbilly walkers, mosey to office depot for people’s chair, merkins, wall push and calf raises THE THANG: Moseyed back around to the brew supply where we partnered up. 1 partner runs to crosswalk in front of Adventure Air while the other does exercise. after both have ran they finish together […]

Bat Skin?

WARMUP: seal jacks, cherry pickers ,over head claps, lap around the parking Lot and a plank THE THANG: Mosey to get a coupon Partner Dora Lap with coupon 100 diamond merkins 200 squats 300 American hammers Trivia What are the F3 names, AND, the hospital names of the men who founded F3? Dredd & OBT, […]

pull up power pyramid

WARMUP: 10 IC of the following: SSH, MNC, low slow squats, imperial walkers THE THANG: mosey to glencairn for wide merkins, donkey kicks, BB situps, dive bombers pushups, dirty dogs, metro crunches, lunges, and SSH. mosey to YMCA for pull up pyramid: 1 pull-up/2 pushup 2 pull-up/4 pushup 3 pull-up/6 pushup/25 crunches 4 pull-up/ 8 […]

Q vs Q Week 4 – Olaf vs Catfish

WARMUP: Bandcamp made us do SSHs…boooo THE THANG: Olaf.1 – partner bear crawl relays up the hill with bropee at the top Catfish.1 – 11s across the parking lot, burpees & squats, wheelbarrowing across the lot Olaf.2 – mosey to gravel lot – minute plank of gratitude and 3 mins of amrap burpees Catfish.2 – […]